Hashtag Printing

Hashtag Printing is a unique event experience that ties the digital to the physical in real-time.

What Is Hashtag Printing?

Hashtag printing is a process that scans social media networks for any content that contains a particular hashtag and then printing out a physical representation of that content. It's a marketing solution that encourages people to post to social media by incentivizing them with a real-time print.


Guests take photos at your event, edit them, and upload them to Instagram, Twitter, etc...


Using a unique hashtag, they post the photos to their accounts, spreading your brand message.


All of your guests' photos are automatically printed with custom designs and branding.

Hashtag Printers At Events

While Snapbar no longer provides hashtag printing as a service, we recommend Photoboxx as a go-to provider.

The idea behind hashtag printing was to put the photo booth 'into your pocket' by leveraging mobile technology at events.

At Snapbar, our answer to 'the photo booth in your pocket' is our virtual photo booth solution, an innovative way to encourage your audience to engage and connect at your event.