The photo booth platform for event engagement.

In-person, hybrid, and virtual photo booth solutions that create engagement and encourage user-generated content.

Photo Booth Platform
Photo Booth platform samplePhoto Booth Platform SamplePhoto Booth Platform Sample
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Creative photo booth marketing solutions for brands and events.
Photo Booth Engagement

Fun and engagement that everyone loves.

People love photo booths. They're fun and give people a reason to smile. It's why they've been around so long. We love that - so we built a platform around it.

A photo booth that helps people connect.

Give people creative control and their personality will shine through the content. This creates a deeper connection to brands and to other users.

User-generated content

On-brand, user-generated content in a snap.

From photo booths to virtual mosaics, our products are content creation 'machines' that can be used for events, workplace experiences, or marketing efforts.

An event partner to global brands.
Your audience wants to gather, connect, learn, and have fun. Photo booths engage people and make that happen.
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photo booth output
photo booth output
photo booth output
photo booth output
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