Live Photo Slideshows for Events

Display photo booth content from Snapshot in-person or online for a customizable, captivating real-time slideshow experience.
Add a slideshow display to make your photo ops more engaging
what is a photo mosaic
Share your Snapshot photo booth content in real-time
how to make a photo mosaic
Choose from multiple layouts for the ideal display for your event
what is a photo mosaic
Customize branding and messaging to fit the theme
how to make a photo mosaic
Display on screens in-person or embed it anywhere online, or both
How to Set Up a Photo Booth Slideshow
Combine user-generated Snapshot content with sponsored posts and branding in one seamless display.
Set up your Snapshot experience for users to capture and customize content
custom photo booth platform
example of photo booth slideshow
Customize your slideshow wall settings like layout, sponsored posts, and CTAs
Align the branding and messaging across the entire experience
customizable slideshow
slideshow moderation
Moderate and track content in a convenient admin dashboard
Display your slideshow in real-time, in-person and online
slideshow display on screen at event
Slideshow Examples

Live photo slideshows are leveraged by brands of all size and events in any format.

photo booth slideshow examples
Book a Slideshow with your next Snapshot activation
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