Custom Photo Mosaic Display Solutions

Use Snapshot to generate user content, then showcase it in an amazing mosaic display or photo mosaic wall. Choose from static, video, and live photo mosaic options.
Live Mosaic
Display a live photo mosaic that updates in near real-time as new content is captured, creating a captivating work of art.
Video Mosaic
Create a custom video of your mosaic picture coming together in one cohesive branded visual.
How Brands Leverage Mosaic Displays
what is a photo mosaic

Live Mosaic Displays

Showcase content being created with Snapshot in real-time - both in-person and online in a highly captivating and eye-catching way.

how to make a photo mosaic

Post-Event Brand Assets

Keep the impact going post-event and turn captured photo content into a static or video mosaic. Use them for internal promotion or branded marketing campaigns.

photo mosaic examples

Building Community for a Cause

What better way to promote participating in an initiative, than to literally making each person part of the initiative or larger message?

Creating a mosaic from existing images?

If you already have images you’d like to turn into a mosaic, we can do that too! Please contact us to inquire about getting a static or video mosaic using existing files.

"A fantastic tool to help build interactive hybrid experiences, suitable for both face-to-face and online activity."

"We used Snapbar for our largest virtual event, and it was a true success.  We loved customizing the booth and mosaic and watching the creativity of our attendees."

"Snapbar was so easy to work with!  The end product was flawless and made for a very fun and interactive element to my event. The clients especially loved the mosaic."

"The Photo booth was super easy and fun to use, our attendees loved it and the mosaic gave us a great memory of the event."

"Our users got so many choices to take unique photos and share them with us via the branded mosaic!"

Add a mosaic to your next Snapshot activation
Share a few details with us on the experience you have in mind. We review and respond to each submission directly.