The Snapbar Selfie Stand: Our Original Selfie Station

We started in 2012, creating awesome in-person photo booth experiences, which evolved into the iconic Selfie Stand - the perfect branded in-person content generation machine.
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Then the entire events industry had to shift to virtual in 2020, so we developed the Virtual Photo Booth, now called Snapshot, to deliver the same fun, customizable, branded engagement from any web browser. It grew quickly and hardware became a past relic of Snapbar.
Now with in-person events bigger than ever and AI unlocking extraordinary new functionality - the Snapshot platform has evolved. More than just a replacement for the selfie station, it’s a highly adaptable photo experience & content generator for any event, in any format, with audiences in any location.
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🚨We no longer customize or rent selfie stands.
Keep reading for alternatives and purchasing options.
Learn about our modern, mobile-first photo experiences - powered by the Snapshot platform.
Use Snapshot with a Selfie Station

Engaging audience experiences for any event

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Use Snapshot AI on your Selfie Station

The most advanced AI photo booth for events

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Selfie stand
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Nice things people said about Snapbar Selfie Stands
“Very easy to setup on our own & we appreciated the packaging for return shipping.”
“We loved how easy the Selfie Station was to use, we would definitely rent one again!”
Whole Foods
“I loved the simplicity of it all! The shipping, set up, photo taking, everything! Everyone loved it!”
Zillow Group
“The Selfie Station was a great self-reliant & self-service solution for us. The booking process and set-up was 5 stars.”
“It was super easy to set up, and our employees LOVED how easy it was to take photos, and share with each other to post on social media.”
“Snapbar is so easy to work with and we love their products. Tech support and set-up was fantastic!”
Selfie Station
Easy To Ship To Your Own Events

Our Selfie Stands break down and pack up easily into a travel-friendly, durable case included with each stand.

Selfie Stand
Easy To Brand With Vinyl Wraps

Using a template for design and a professional printer, Selfie Stands can be fully wrapped in custom branding.

Gather leads with Selfie Station
Save & Scale By Owning Your Own Hardware

Selfie Stations increase social engagement through positive brand touch points and delivering fun, shareable content. Easily set them up where you need them, or even rent them out.

Use photo booth software, like Snapshot, to create unique and engaging event experiences
Inquire about purchasing Selfie Stands
We have limited, brand new inventory we are selling. They’re ready to go and work great with our Snapshot software (annual plans available), or any other photo booth software you already have.