Give others a reason to smile.

Snapbar is an event and workplace tech company. We develop photo and video products that allow the people we serve to connect via content creation—and we need help doing it.
Give others a reason to smile
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About Us

Snapbar strives to build products that create deeper levels of engagement and connection between the brands we serve, our users, and everyone in between. For now, this means our focus is first, on developing our Snapshot into an increasingly engaging and functional product. Second, our vision is for our Studio to solve for the need for a high-quality headshot experience in today's decentralized workplaces.

At Snapbar, our priority is our team. We are built on the idea that work doesn't have to suck, but rather, it can be a place where people find connection, community, and the opportunity to become a better version of themselves. Our big idea is to build a team based on that premise, and together, spread that vision to the brands, clients, and users we serve.

About Us

Our Story Has Twists

Our team has been growing and adapting in some dramatic ways since 2012. What started as an accidental side-gig steadily grew into an Inc 500 company in 2019, built on staffed photo booths and drop-ship selfie stations. When 2020 hit, we chose two drastic pivots— one short-term, into sourcing and distributing small business goods via gift boxes, and one with an eye to the future, into the virtual and hybrid event sphere. We are standing strong today because of the adaptability and grit of our team.

Our story has twists
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Our present moment looks like a mix of both intimidating and exciting challenges that we need help to tackle. These are a few that stand out.

Solving for engagement & connection in the new world

Solving for engagement & connection in the new world

The world has changed to accommodate remote & hybrid options. What hasn't changed is the need for engagement and connection between people. We love the challenge of operating in new oceans and finding creative and effective offerings for our clients.

Adapt and grow together

Adapt and grow, or die—together

We are a group defined by unselfish adaptability and a remarkable drive to learn, and we embrace change as the expected. It can be exhausting and we occasionally wish for the predictable, but our team copes by demonstrating fierce support for each other, and—as often as possible— having fun together.

We're up against bandwith

We're up against bandwidth

We are small and bootstrapped, which means bandwidth is notably finite. With constraint comes creativity, however—a core value of our lean team of problem solvers. Limited bandwidth drives us towards implementing innovative frameworks, rethinking the status quo, and constantly seeking better ways to operate.

Life at Snapbar

There's a lot we could say about our team and why we're eager to expand it. Here's a few highlights of what we have to offer.

We like each other

Successful Snapbar team members look beyond a clock-in, clock-out experience. We're a cohesive bunch that values the experience of shoulder-to-shoulder hard work and having fun together along the way.

We make each other better
Development Culture

Our goal is to offer every Snapbar team member the opportunity to become a better version of themselves. We are committed to fostering an environment of learning, intellectual curiosity, and growth opportunities.

We care for our team first

We offer a competitive benefits package including comprehensive health insurance, 401(k) with 4% matching, generous vacation and sick time, paid holidays, Health FSA accounts, and parental leave.

We have options
Hybrid Flexibility

We are a hybrid workplace with offices in the beautiful town of Gig Harbor, Washington. Our team enjoys the community and collaboration that our offices allow, as well as the option to work remotely a few days a week.