Virtual Event Packs

How do you make virtual events better?
How do you make hybrid events more effective?
How do you create in-person event engagement?

Snapbar builds products that try to answer these questions. Our first solution was the virtual photo booth.

Another solutions was Virtual Event Packs: a virtual event solution in partnership with our sister company: Keep Your City Smiling.

Virtual Event Pack

Virtual Event Box Ideas

While Snapbar and Keep Your City Smiling no longer offer Virtual Event Packs, these ideas to help you make your own virtual event box projects one bit easier.
Snack Break Event Pack

Snack Break

Virtual events have an amazing and inclusive reach; step up your attendees’ feeling of inclusion even more by providing treats to enjoy during your event! Fight Zoom fatigue with snacks & sips.

Sponsored Event Pack

Sponsor's Box

Event sponsors want unique ways to get their brand in front of guests. Get a box that gives your guests a mini snack break, along with two brandable, quality items to showcase your sponsor’s brand.