Use a Virtual Photo Booth for In-Person Events

with Snapbar Snapshot

Elevate your in-person events using Snapshot to capture memorable moments, boost attendee interaction, and connect digital content to the in-person experience.

how to use photo booths for engagement at CKOs and SKOs
Why Use A Virtual Photo Booth?
  • No need for equipment, lines, or additional staff — every space becomes an opportunity for an epic photo moment.
  • Capture the in-between moments generating event-tailored content, ideal for real-time displays.
  • Attendees become brand advocates and content creators when the photo booth is right in their pockets.
How to Use Snapshot In-Person
Find a good light source
Customize Everything

The web-based experience offers complete customization to match your event branding, including colors, logos, frames, stickers, and more.

Position your camera at eye level
Give Easy Access

Provide effortless access for attendees with QR codes, links, SMS, push notifications, and platform integrations.

Get the right angle
Make Virtual Physical

Use QR codes to tie the virtual photo booth into signage and custom photo op displays to connect digital and physical.

If you're alone prop your phone up on something
Engagement Drives More Engagement

Use digital displays and social walls to highlight content being created, which encourages more content creation, which engages more users and so on...

Reinvent your in-person events and enhance engagement with the virtual photo booth designed for today's (in-person) mobile-first audience.
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