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Our company headshots platform is a new way for organizations to take, moderate, and manage employee headshots.

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Virtual Headshots

Business headshots, reinvented.

Traditional headshots are shockingly expensive, complicated to organize, and not suited for today’s working environment. We set out to change that with a digital platform that takes the pain out of corporate headshots.

Before After
Captured with an iPhone. Background removed, image cropped, straightened, and auto-edited, all with Snapbar Studio.  
Headshots without the headache
Remote ready
Works on any device
No app needed
Automatic editing
Background removal
Image crop / straighten
Smart file naming
Real-time moderation
Simple image exports
Software tech support
Scalable & affordable
Virtual Headshots
Cost Effective & Scalable

From 1 virtual headshot studio or 37 separate ones for your global offices, we can help. After you pay for your customized studio, the average cost per headshot is $3.40!

One Photo, Endless Possibilities

Our platform saves you time by automating the edit and formatting process. Users take one headshot, but admins get multiple variations.

Company Headshots
Save Time, Stress Less

As users submit headshots from wherever they live or work, our dashboard gives you the ability to approve, deny, and request retakes instantly.

Corporate Headshots
Corporate Headshots
Ready for Remote

Our virtual headshots platform makes it easy to get corporate headshots for your team whether your company is working in-person or not.

Company Headshots
Company Branded

Make your Studio experience unique. Brand the user-interface, apply overlays, customize backgrounds, and more.

See the breadth and quality of real headshots taken on the Studio platform.
Virtual HeadshotsCompany HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsCorporate HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsCompany HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsCorporate HeadshotsVirtual Headshots
Ultimate Consistency

With custom guidelines, video tips, and AI-based background removal, our platform helps users take consistent headshots remotely.

Company Headshots
User Autonomy

Headshots in front of others can be intimidating. Studio puts the user in control so they take them where and when they want.

Company Headshots
Functional Quality

You don't need magazine-quality photos for badges, profile pics, or an about us page. Our platform uses an optimized mobile-first approach.

Company Headshots
Snapbar customers are saving up to 90% per employee using Studio compared to traditional corporate headshots.
Customer Testimonials
Corporate Headshots
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"Snapbar employees are super helpful and the headshots platform is so easy to use! A great solution for remote teams."
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"This is the perfect option for our company headshots! The customer service is great to work with, the platform is easy to use, and the final product turned out great!"
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"Snapbar’s product is a creative concept and in line with what we needed to conduct headshots, especially amidst the ongoing pandemic and remote work."
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have easy access to all the images?
Yes, our platform gives you access to a dashboard where you can manage and download all images, review submissions, organize contacts, and more.
How do I ensure consistency?
Our platform pushes users toward their mobile device's high-quality camera and prompts them to review guidelines and examples before submitting their photo. The dashboard allows admins to request a retake of any headshots that don't meet company standards.
Can I choose my own backgrounds?
Yes. We offer a selection of popular backgrounds to choose from, or you are free to supply your own set of backgrounds that match company branding or a particular output you're aiming for.
Do you offer long-term options?
Yes. We offer virtual headshots for any length of time, though most clients purchase ongoing solutions as the headshots platform is looped into their onboarding process. Ask our team for a quote!
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