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Elevate your team's presence with
AI-edited virtual headshots, all captured, moderated and organized on our
powerful platform.

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Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Virtual Headshot
Consistent, On-brand Results. Powered by AI

AI-editing replaces hand-editing in a fraction of the time. It improves the image quality, applies custom backgrounds, corrects lighting, exposure and more!

Easy For Users & Admins

Each person is guided through capturing their own quality headshot from wherever they work, using their smartphone.

Scalable & Affordable

Admins have everything needed to manage users, headshot styles, moderation, file management, and smart exports.

The Studio Platform

Access powerful features when you need them, now or in the future.

AI Powered Editing

Upscaling, smoothing, light and color correction, and natural teeth and eye whitening.


Connect Studio to your HRIS, DAM, ATS, CRM, or any other platform.

Active Moderation

Review and approve submitted headshots, or send retake requests.

Custom Fields

Collect unique info about your users, like employee ID or department.

Smart File Naming

Export headshots with custom file naming structures.

Email Notifications

Send invites, reminders, feedback, and receive admin notifications.

The world's first headshot platform for teams
Per Person
25 headshot minimum ($750)
  • 1 Custom Studio
  • 2 Admin Users
  • 2 Custom Outputs
  • AI Powered Editing
  • Background Removal
  • Custom Image Crops
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Active Moderation
  • Custom Disclaimer
  • Custom File Naming
  • Custom Image Resizing
  • Flexible Exports
Save per headshot as you scale up
Virtual headshots are easy, efficient & cost effective...
for your team
  • easily capture quality headshots
  • avoid organizing team photoshoots
  • check this off the to-do list easily
  • stay out of complicated email threads
  • and just move on with the day
and for you.
  • coordinate everything from one place
  • avoid the pain of collecting headshots
  • spare your designer from another edit
  • onboard new employees with ease
  • and just move on with your day.
"Extremely easy for employees. Everyone took branded headshots on their own time, and it required hardly any assistance...”
Ryan W.
Business Development Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are the headshots generated by AI?

They are not. While we use cutting-edge AI technology to replace hand-editing, we do not alter the original person. We want the real you to shine in your headshot, so there’s no AI deciding what you should look like (or what outfit you should wear).

If you do want to explore generative AI portraits for a group or event, check out our AI Photo Booth - Snapshot AI.

How do I ensure consistency?

Each invited user will receive a link to our self-guided, mobile-friendly app to walk them through capturing a quality, well-lit headshot consistent with your brand guidelines.

From there, our technology will automatically remove backgrounds, enhance, and customize the final headshots to produce the exact specs you’ve set, and each style you’ve determined. One photo will turn into as many headshot variations as you need, all easily accessible in the dashboard.

What if I need multiple headshot versions for each person?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Our platform is designed to scale so you pay per person, not per edit. Once you’ve set up the unique output styles you need for each use case, every submitted and approved headshot will automatically be edited into every version - all ready for easy access and export.

Plugging into an existing system like an HRIS, or even a badge printer? Ask about our API feature.

Do you edit the images?

Not manually, but our platform will guide each person through capturing a quality, well-lit photo and then do extra processing automatically to create consistent, professional-quality headshots in each version you’ve set up.

Our AI edited headshots enhance a photo to improve issues that often arise from poor lighting or lower quality photography. The end result will be a high quality version of the photo that YOU took - formatted for any headshot use case you have.

Is a cell phone photo good enough for a quality headshot?

It sure is! Most smartphone cameras are pretty amazing these days, and also have built in software for light correction and smoothing. The biggest factor is getting the right lighting, and the right angles, so we do recommend having someone else take people’s picture rather than taking selfies.

Our virtual headshot studio will walk people through the steps, but you can also access some of our helpful resources here: Watch the video or Read the article

Can my users choose and upload their own headshot background?

You will determine and set up each of your backgrounds and output styles for your entire team upfront, so individual users are not able to upload their own background selections into the Studio platform at this time.

You can add new output styles as you need, however, to automatically create new variations of your team’s headshots for new use cases, short-term initiatives, or anything else. No new photos needed!

Do I have easy access to all the images?
You sure do! Our Studio platform includes access to the admin dashboard where you can manage and download all images, review submissions, organize contacts, and more.
Do rejected photos count as a credit?

Nope! We only want you to pay for quality headshots, and we know not everyone is a great photographer (or reads directions, let’s be honest). Admins have the ability to request up to 5 retakes per headshot submission before another headshot credit will be deducted from your account.

Headshots are the face of your brand
Once your team members capture their new headshot, Studio automatically edits and creates each version you’ve defined - easily accessible and ready to use across your brand:
The hidden costs of in-house headshots
Each headshot handled in house can take hours of time between coordination, shooting, editing, and implementation. Use Studio to create the style that aligns your people and your brand.
New hires?
No problem.

Studio is built to scale with your team, becoming a seamless part of onboarding. You can even use our API to port approved headshots directly into your platform.

Studio Virtual Headshot Platform
Virtual Headshot
"The Virtual Headshots platform is very user-friendly and the results are stellar. Setting up our customized studio was quick and easy."

Engagement Manager

New use case or culture initiative?Easy peasy.

Managing headshot styles is as simple as adding a new output in your dashboard. No photoshoot, new photography, or re-editing needed.

Studio Virtual Headshot Platform
Virtual Headshot
"We’ve expanded the headshots to all of our leadership programs. The ease of use is second to none and quality of the pictures makes them perfect for a variety of purposes."

Development Specialist

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