How To Take Good Corporate Headshots

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Your headshot is often the first impression people have of you. Email signatures, LinkedIn, company about pages, etc. If corporate headshots are so important, then how do you go about getting a good one?

Tips for taking a great professional headshot
Find a good light source
Find a good light source

Headshots turn out best with a good, natural light source. Try facing a window (that doesn’t have direct sunlight on your face), going outside (ideally in the shade), or finding a room with brighter lights. Indirect sunlight gives a nice softening effect. Don’t worry about the background— our software will remove and replace it for you!

Position your camera at eye level
Eye level

If possible, position your camera at eye level or slightly above that, as it results in a more natural look. No one wants to see up your nose!

Get the right angle
Get the angle

The pros often recommend turning your body at a slight angle when taking a photo. Experiment with head tilts, angling your shoulders and leaning in towards the camera a little.

If you're alone prop your phone up on something
If you're alone

The easiest option is using the front-facing camera on your phone. A great way to focus more on the pose is to prop your phone up on a ledge (preferably a window ledge) and use the countdown timer on your camera app. If the ledge is a little low when standing, try sitting on a stool.

Using Snapbar Studio for your corporate headshots?
To get going, just click the link

All you need is a device with internet access. For the best result, open the link from your phone rather than desktop.

There are two ways you can take your headshot

The first (and ideal) way is having someone take a photo of you using the rear-facing camera of your phone. If that’s not possible, use the front-facing camera.

Follow the guided prompts on the screen

When you’re happy with your result, submit your photo.

Your photo will be uploaded for review!

If your administrator would like you to retake the photo (due to bad lighting, poor quality, or not following guidelines), you will be notified via email.

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Click the link your team sends you
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Headshot Customization
Your team admin will review your headshot and get back to you with any edits