Social Wall: Web-Based Social Media Wall For Events

Highlight the best virtual photo booth and social media content from your event, all in one place for your audience to discover!

What is a Social Wall?

A Social Wall, also referred to as a social media wall, allows you to aggregate social media content from different social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, using hashtags, keywords, or specific profiles, and display the content in a variety of ways.

Social Wall works for virtual, hybrid & in-person events
Increase event engagement
Increase event engagement
Create a sense of community
Create a sense of community
Give your event global exposure
Give your event global exposure
Display your content anywhere, anytime

Embed Social Wall on your website, mobile app, or any event platform. We support all digital signage solutions and have many flexible display options.

What is a Virtual Photo Booth
What is a Virtual Photo Booth
Tell the story with content
  • Social media aggregation from 13+ platforms
  • Content collection by hashtag, keyword or profiles
  • Real-time content update intervals
  • GDPR compliant - we use official APIs only
  • Custom image and video upload
  • Highlight event sponsors with special posts
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Social Wall Examples

Social media walls are highlighted by all sorts of brands and events in all sorts of contexts.

Photo Mosaic
What is a Virtual Photo Booth
Creating a content machine

A unique benefit of Snapbar's Social Wall feature is our integration of the traditional social wall concept with our Snapshot platform. This powerful combination amplifies awareness through prominent content displays while driving greater use of the Snapshot photo booth, boosting social media adoption and total reach for your event or campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common social media wall use cases?

Social media walls are a popular solution for brand social hubs, digital signage, incentivizing event engagement on social platforms, hashtag campaigns, internal communications, and more!

What's the best way to display a social wall?

The recommended way to display your social wall is by embedding it on your website or virtual event platform for virtual or hybrid events and on a TV screens or video projectors through a wired display connection for in-person events.

Can I moderate my social wall?

Yes! You have the ability to manually or automatically moderate the content of your social wall. You can filter out content that doesn't fit your theme, hide content you don't like, and block spam.

How often does a social wall update?

All social content (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc...) and Snapbar content updates a various speeds ranging from real-time to every 3 minutes, based on API limits.
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