Social Media Walls For Events

Connect Snapshot with a social wall to combine your UGC and social media posts in one dynamic, interactive display.
Social Reach
Contests + Gamification
Interactive Polls
examples of social wall displays
Add a social wall to make your photo ops more about community
  • Enable upvoting for your Snapshot content
  • Collect data & feedback with interactive polls
  • Enhance community with integrated social content
  • Create dynamic visual displays in-person and online
How to Set Up an Event Social Wall
Combine user-generated Snapshot content with social posts and more in one seamless display.
Set up your Snapshot experience for users to capture and customize content
photo booth platform
branded social wall example
Customize your social wall settings like hashtags, layouts, and interactive features
Align the branding and messaging across the entire experience
customizable social wall assets
social wall moderation feature
Moderate content, track engagement, and collect data
Display your aggregated content in real-time, in-person and online
social wall display on screen
Top Social Wall Use Cases
branded social wall example
Enhance Snapshot Interactivity

Create more dynamic and interactive displays with unique features

Amplify Social Reach

Highlight organic posts to amplify total reach

branded social wall example
branded social wall example
Learn About Your Audience

Utilize lead capture and interactive polls to collect data

Build Hybrid Community

Connect people no matter where they’re located

branded social wall example
Frequently Asked Questions
What are common social media wall use cases?
Social media walls are a popular solution for brand social hubs, digital signage, incentivizing event engagement on social platforms, hashtag campaigns, internal communications, and more!
What's the best way to display a social wall?
The recommended way to display your social wall is by embedding it on your website or virtual event platform for virtual or hybrid events and on a TV screens or video projectors through a wired display connection for in-person events.
Can I moderate my social wall?
Yes! You have the ability to manually or automatically moderate the content of your social wall. You can filter out content that doesn't fit your theme, hide content you don't like, and block spam.
How often does a social wall update?
All social content (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc...) and Snapbar content updates a various speeds ranging from real-time to every 3 minutes, based on API limits.
Book a Social Wall with your next Snapshot activation
Share a few details with us on the experience you have in mind. We review and respond to each submission directly.