Multi-Prompt Flows

Give users the choice of multiple video prompts, or create multi-prompt sequences to ask questions or prompts in a pre-determined order.

Example of Story booth using multi-prompt flows

Using Multi-Prompt Video Sequences

Determine the types of video you want to generate
Determine your video prompts based on the type of content you want to generate and the end goal. Video is great for pre-event introductions, employee onboarding, collecting feedback or product testimonials, and so much more.
Examples of the Story booth interface
Story settings allow you to write your prompts and assign time limits
Write your video prompts and assign time limits
Write out each prompt you want answered, keeping them concise, and determine the time limits for each. For most prompts, a shorter time limit of less than 1 minute helps make the final video content easier to digest.
Choose how users select video prompts
Give users the option to pick from multiple prompts, after which they can return and answer another, or choose to prompt users sequentially in a specific order.
Examples of how users can choose your Story prompts
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