Live Photo Booth Gallery

Showcase your Snapshot content in a live photo gallery. Display your gallery in-person on a screen, or easily embed it to any web experience. Included with every Snapshot activation.

Example of a live gallery display on TV
Adding Content to the Live Photo Gallery

Snapshot automatically sends each user creation to your live gallery, with the option to moderate in real-time or as needed.

Capturing a photo with Snapshot AI Photo Booth
Snapshot AI Photo Booth transforms your photos
Snapshot AI Photo Booth delivers your photos via email
Share your Snapshot AI Photo Booth images

Making the Most of Your Photo Booth Gallery

Choose pre-approval or real-time moderation
The Snapshot dashboard gives your team access to moderate content in real-time to ensure only high quality, relevant, and appropriate content is displayed.
Moderate your gallery content in real-time
Galleries allow visibility for user-generated content
Share content to generate content
Your live gallery is easily embedded with an iframe, or viewed at the dedicated URL making it easy to highlight in real-time with any audience.
Accessibility is built in
With dedicated URLs for both Snapshot and your gallery, use QR codes and links alongside the gallery to encourage more participation.
Drive the content flywheel by showcasing a QR code in your gallery
Book Snapshot for your next event
Share a few details with us on the experience you have in mind. We review and respond to each submission directly.