Lead Capture

Collect leads, valuable user information, and survey data about your audience as part of the Snapshot user experience. Choose when users are prompted and what fields are required.

Examples of Snapshot lead capture

Reasons to Use Lead Capture

Get to know your audience & customers
With lead capture, event organizers and marketers can collect important information about their audience that can be used to create more personalized connection and marketing opportunities.
examples of photo booths with lead capture
lead capture for photo booth
Boost engagement and brand awareness
Users are more likely to remember a brand that has taken the time to engage with them and ask about their preferences. This can lead to higher audience engagement rates and increased brand loyalty.
Measure success & add value
By tracking the data collected through lead capture, clients gain valuable insights into the success of their event and marketing campaigns. Measuring the number of leads generated and overall engagement levels can help optimize marketing efforts, improve ROI, and add value for partners and sponsors.
photo booth lead capture export example
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