Custom Text

Allow users to answer custom prompts or add their own messages during the Snapshot creation process. Align it with custom frames or allow users to have free-form editing.

Examples of custom text

Reasons to Use Custom Text

Empower users to personalize their photos
Create an additional way for users to personalize their Snapshot content by overlaying a custom message on their image. Users can select a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes to create a unique message that’s distinct to them.
personalize users photos
Use custom text to create a call to action
Create a call to action
Snapshot can be pre-set to include a prompt in the custom text field, like location or answering a question. Users can easily input their response to the prompt, allowing for unique expression and opportunities to align the content with the event messaging or theme.
Foster community and engagement
Custom text displays in the live gallery to highlight responses from colleagues, friends, and fellow attendees. This creates a sense of community and interaction, encouraging more people to participate and share their own responses.
Foster community and engagement by using custom text
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