Photo Competition Package

Encourage participation with a Snapshot enabled photo competition, leveraging content created by your attendees and audience. Package includes the Lead Capture and Photo File Naming features, along with a template to display the winning photos!

Snapshot Photo Competition Package

Reasons to Implement a Photo Competition

Create a sense of excitement and anticipation among attendees
People love to compete and using Snapshot’s custom backgrounds, frames, and stickers takes the classic ‘best photo’ competition to a whole new level. Add a competition to your event as a great way to get people excited and engaged.
Photo competition creates a sense of excitement and anticipation among attendees
Competition encourages interaction between attendees
Encourage interaction between attendees
Take it to the next level by pairing the competition feature with a Social Wall to run a ‘most liked’ photo competition. This gives attendees the power to upvote their favorite content, creating the opportunity to engage with each other in a fun and competitive environment.
Increase event participation and attendance
Hype up the competition and prizes to get people excited (tip: sponsors are great for providing prizes). Attendees will be more likely to attend digitally or show up in-person when they know they’ll have the opportunity to participate in a competition and potentially win prizes.
By hosting a competition you can increase event participation and attendance
Incentivize attendees to stay engaged throughout the event by hosting a competition
Incentivize attendees to stay engaged throughout the event
Announcing prizes or rewards for winners at the end, or during key moments when you want high attention can increase attendance and motivate people to stay engaged throughout the event as a whole. Try running multiple phases of the competition if the event is spread over multiple days.
The Competition package includes the following features:
  • Lead Capture, for tracking user information to connect with them after the event to alert and announces the winner(s)
  • Photo File Naming, to connect the photos with the participants who submitted them
  • A template to display winning photos! For an engaging visual to announce the winner(s) that you can share post-event with your attendees
All the features the competition package include
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