User-generated content from the online photo booth is displayed in a live gallery, public or private, just like the one below!

We do moderate the content generated in our open photobooth experience, so give us a couple days and check back to see if yours made the gallery!

Need inspiration?

Check out some creative ways Snapshot was used for successful engagements.

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Dynamic and Engaging Displays

Choose from the Live Gallery included with every Snapshot activation or additional display options that add various dynamic formats and interactive social media features.

Choose from multiple types of dynamic mosaics for live displays and beautiful post-event, branded marketing assets.
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Display photo booth content from Snapshot onto any screen for a customizable, captivating real-time slideshow experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is an online photo booth?

An online, or virtual photo booth is a modern photo op solution for events and marketing campaigns. It's customizable and hosted online, which means it doesn’t require any download and can be used by anyone, anywhere - like on this page!

What’s the point of this free photo booth?

As a relatively new technology, we created this public and free experience to share and highlight the versatility of the virtual photo booth. We hope it drives inspiration and highlights the power of user-generated content while also creating some fun and smiles. Feel free to share and let us know what you think!

Why isn’t my content showing up in the gallery?

Since this is a public experience we do moderate the content to make sure nothing inappropriate is published online - an important optional feature in the Snapshot platform. Check back in a few days and it should be live!

Do you have other photo booth experiences?

We like to change up our free online experience here every couple of months, so check back periodically for new content. If you’re looking to create your own custom photo booth experience, reach out to us here.

Where are online photo booths used?

Anywhere someone has internet and a device! While inspired by the switch to virtual events in 2020, our customers have since used them for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events all over the world, for all types of events big and small.