The Online Glam Photo Booth

Snapshot Glam
A Mobile-first Glam Filter Photo Booth
Online Glam Photo BoothOnline Glam Photo BoothOnline Glam Photo Booth
Snapshot Glam uses the latest AI technologies to upscale, smooth, and transform photos to deliver that oh-so-glamorous result you just can’t get from a standard phone camera.
Engage Everyone
Stunning Quality

Give your users a beautiful photo effect normally restricted to hand-editing.

No app needed
Streamlined Engagement

The Glam experience minimizes steps to focus on content generation.

Built for Scale
Your Brand in Glam

Drive awareness by aligning with the most popular photo effect.

How Snapshot Glam Works

Glam is a slimmed-down, pre-set version of Snapshot focused on beautiful outputs that people love.

Once someone scans a QR code, clicks a link, or reaches an embedded Snapshot, they’ll see a custom-branded launch page, followed by an optional disclaimer.
Glam Photo Booth
Users take a photo or upload their own image. Once they capture the perfect shot, they accept and proceed.
Glam Photo Booth
Choose Background
As an option, you can allow users to replace their background, or skip this step and keep the original photo background automatically.
Glam Photo Booth
Apply overlay
Your pre-determined overlay, like a logo or frame, will be applied automatically in the background.
Glam Photo Booth
Once submitted, the AI magic will apply the Glam effects, meaning the user will see it after photo submission.
Glam Photo Booth
Now that users have their glamified photo they can download it, share it directly to social media, or view it in a live gallery, social wall, slideshow, where it populates in real-time.
Glam Photo Booth
The Glam Booth Transformation

Turn regular photos taken on your phone into studio-worthy, black and white outputs.

More Powerful Features

We’re regularly adding new, powerful features and add-ons that allow you to customize the experience and maximize the impact.

Deliver Glamorous Content Seamlessly
Snapshot can be branded and customized to fit any need, integrates with leading event platforms, or can stand alone as its own microsite experience.

Work with our team from concept to activation to develop a custom Glam Booth experience


Choose your background options and auto-applied overlay


Pair other powerful Snapshot features with your experience to drive event impact


Moderate content, analyze usage and download the best content from the Snapshot dashboard


Keep the engagement going by highlighting the live gallery, slideshow, social wall, or custom mosaic.

Event engagement
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