The Photo Experience for Authentic Employee Engagement

Snapshot Candid
Connect Teams, Authentically
Snapshot CandidSnapshot CandidSnapshot CandidSnapshot CandidSnapshot Candid
Snapshot Candid is a BeReal-inspired experience for employee connection. Scheduled SMS messages prompt in-the-moment photos, captions and upvoting to showcase people’s non-work personalities.
Engage Everyone
Increase Participation

Schedule notifications and clear time limits to drive higher engagement.

No app needed
Promote Authenticity

Enable teams to express themselves beyond emojis and memes.

Built for Scale
Foster Connection

Build stronger culture and higher retention with more team connection.

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Promote Employee Connection Beyond Chat & Email
Position your camera at eye level
Deeper Conversations

Snapshot Candid produces genuine, fun photo moments that fill a gallery the team can explore, inspiring discussion between employees that goes beyond surface-level work interactions.

Find a good light source
More Connection

Capturing and sharing candid moments nurtures connection between colleagues, which strengthens team culture. It’s a stress-free break and fun moment anyone can look forward to.

Position your camera at eye level
Tighter Community

Bringing people’s authentic selves to the forefront and encouraging real connection leads to tighter community. Start increasing engagement and building team culture today!

How Snapshot Candid Works
We’ll work with you to set up your custom Snapshot experience and SMS schedule in advance, and then the magic begins!
Snapshot sends out a scheduled text message to your team giving them anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to participate in the candid moment.
Access Snapshot
Users click a link to open Snapshot and are prompted to take a candid, unfiltered photo or burst of whatever they’re doing in that moment.
Take a photo with Snapshot
After capturing their candid moment, team members can input their name and a caption for their content, like they do on social media.
Choose a Background with Snapshot.
When submitted, the candid moment is posted to a live gallery where others on the team can explore and ‘heart’ the content they love.
Apply and overlay to your Snapshot
When time runs out, Snapshot closes so it doesn’t distract anyone, meaning no new content can be posted until the next candid moment.
Add stickers to your Snapshot
Team members get a glimpse into others’ daily work lives, or weekend run, or game night, inspiring new conversations and stronger connections.
Share your Snapshot
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