The Custom Virtual Photo Booth App

A mobile-first photo booth for audience engagement
Engage and connect with your audience by giving them an easy way to create dynamic, on-brand content with a virtual photo booth.
Engage Everyone
Scale With Ease

Put a social-ready photo booth in everyone’s pocket for effortless and affordable scale.

No app needed
Make It Accessible

Users can access Snapshot from the web on their own devices, no download required.

Built for Scale
Measure ROI

Moderate and track stats, usage, and social reach in one easy dashboard for tangible ROI.

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The latest from Snapshot

Burst Mode (aka boomerang)

Users can now create 2 second looping videos for more dynamic, engaging content

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It’s better all around. We’ve increased photo quality at the server level resulting in higher res content


It’s faster all around. No one has patience for long load times

Streamlined UI

We’ve refreshed the user experience to increase participation and creation

AI Transformations

Align your brand with the latest trend and give your audience a truly amazing photo experience

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Impact you can rely on
Boost Event Engagement

Successful activations get 50-80% participation, generating huge amounts of fun, creative, and engaging content.

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Amplify Reach In-Person & Online

At successful events, about 30% of Snapshot users share content to social which can generate thousands of impressions.

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Offer More Inclusive Experiences

Snapshot gives everyone an easy way to participate which makes for an inclusive experience across virtual and in-person.

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Stay Cost-Efficient & Flexible

Snapshot saves money, removes logistical headaches and offers greater flexibility compared to traditional photo booths.

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How Virtual Photo
Booths Work

Snapshot powers photo ops around the world by engaging anyone with a mobile device, laptop, or tablet to create and amplify content.

Once someone scans a QR code, clicks a link, or reaches an embedded Snapshot, they’ll see a custom-branded launch page, followed by an optional disclaimer.
Access Snapshot
Users take a photo or burst (similar to a Boomerang) or upload their own image. Once they capture the perfect shot, they proceed to customize their content.
Take a photo with Snapshot
Choose a background
They can keep their image’s original background (great for photo ops), or replace it with custom options you’ve chosen (great for virtual + hybrid).
Choose a Background with Snapshot.
Apply overlays
Next, users can apply unique and on-brand overlays to further customize their content. Overlays can include logos, messaging, and templates for custom text.
Apply and overlay to your Snapshot
Add stickers
Equally fun and functional, custom stickers are yet another way for users to customize their content and promote your brand or messaging in the process.
Add stickers to your Snapshot
Share & display
Once a final version is submitted, users can download their content, share it directly to social media, or view it in a live gallery, social wall, slideshow and more.
Share your Snapshot
More Powerful Features

We’re regularly adding new, powerful features and add-ons that allow you to customize the experience and maximize the impact.

Dynamic and Engaging Displays

Choose from the Live Gallery included with every Snapshot activation or additional display options that add various dynamic formats and interactive social media features.

Learn More
Choose from multiple types of dynamic mosaics for live displays and beautiful post-event, branded marketing assets.
snapshot mosaic
Learn More
Display photo booth content from Snapshot onto any screen for a customizable, captivating real-time slideshow experience.
Free Resource
14 of the Most Popular Event Photo Op Ideas
Free Snapshot Resource
Design Your Snapshot Experience
Snapshot can be branded and customized to fit any need, integrates with leading event platforms, or can stand alone as its own microsite experience.

Work with our team from concept to activation to develop a custom virtual photo booth experience.


Integrate Snapshot into your event or marketing campaign using links, QR codes, or by embedding it.


As user-generated content is created, display and share it to amplify your reach.


Moderate content, analyze usage and download the best content from the Snapshot dashboard.


Keep the engagement going by highlighting the live gallery, slideshow, social wall, or custom mosaic.

Event engagement
Get in touch to learn more about Snapshot!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the lead time needed for Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person activations?

The short answer is: it depends! Overall, we suggest booking your activation with us at least 2-3 weeks in advance, but we can, and do, operate on less lead time. Expedition costs may apply if you're operating on more of a last-minute timeline. Check out our lead times here!

How can users access Snapshot?

After we build your Snapshot booth, we will provide you with a unique URL for you to share with your users. You can send this link directly to them in an internal communication channel, you can hyperlink it in an email, or have users scan a QR code for example!

Another way for users to access the Snapshot booth is by embedding it on a website or onto a virtual event platform.

Do I need to download an app to use Snapshot?

No! We host our Snapshot booths on URLs that you can share directly with your users. There is no sign-on or app download required to access the booth. The only thing that’s necessary to open it in your web browser is a connection to Wi-Fi or Cellular data if you’re accessing it on a mobile device.

Can I embed Snapshot?

Yes! Snapshot can embed into virtual event platforms and websites that allow for custom iFrame embed codes. Here is an example of the iFrame embed code we provide:

<iframe src="" allow="camera *;microphone" style="width:100%;height:100%;border:none"></iframe>

You can embed our Snapshot galleries as well! Below you’ll find an example of the gallery iFrame embed code we provide:

<iframe src="" style="width:100%;height:100%;border:none;background-color:#ffffff;margin-top:15px"></iframe>

Can you use Snapshot in-person?

Yes! We have many clients who use Snapshot at in-person and hybrid events. Check out this blog for examples of how this has been done!

Can I customize my frames and backgrounds?
Yes, almost everything about Snapshot can be branded or customized to fit brand guidelines or particular design!
Can I moderate images?
Yes, the Snapshot dashboard allows you to moderate all content in real-time.
Can I download images?
Yes, the Snapshot dashboard lets you download any or all of the images.
How long do I have access to the content?
Your Snapbar account isn’t deleted unless you request it, so you have long-term access to the Snapshot dashboard. That being said, we delete Snapshot content after roughly 90 days or sooner on request. We also leave content on longer upon request.
Does my Snapshot shut off once we hit our photo limit?
No, but a Customer Success Specialist will be in touch with the option to shut the site down or purchase additional credits.
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