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Photo Booth Rental

Photo Booth Rentals
we provide Photo booth rentals for leading brands

What is a Photo Booth Rental?

A photo booth rental is an event service that allows event planners or marketers to work with a photo booth company and rent the right type of photo booth to help accomplish the event goal.

At Snapbar, renting a photo booth is easy because of our global presence. Between our virtual photo booth is available anywhere in the world and our selfie station rentals are shipped around the United States, any event has the ability to offer an engaging photo experience to their audience.

Renting a photo booth is an easy thing to-do. Snapbar ships photo booths around the country so any event, anywhere, can create better event engagement.
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Why should you rent a photo booth?

We've put together a short list of reasons people love photo booth rentals.

Beautifully Designed

Make sure your photo booth adds to your event in the way it looks.

Event Engagement

Engage your attendees by providing fun photo opportunities.

User-Generated Content

Let your guests create unique content and post it to social media.

People love Snapbar photo booth rentals!
“Such an easy booking process, great customer service, will definitely use again for all of our company events!”
Carter S.
“From the initial interaction to the execution, working with Snapbar has been an absolute breeze. The account managers were a pleasure to work with and provided all of the demos I needed to get a feel for the product before purchasing.”
Martina A.
“Our team loved how easy everything was! How nice the people are to work with and all the great customizable design elements!”
Jennifer T.
“Snapbar was able to add such a fun & interactive element to our virtual event.”
Cory D.
“We loved the ease of setting up the Selfie Stand and the box you used to transport it in, we were able to take it to three locations which was awesome. The pre-paid label was key too - so simple!”
Stacy R.
yesler inc.
“We had a great experience with Brianna & team. We felt we had plenty of time to submit our designs and really appreciated the Snapbar team's quick updates. Using Snapbar added a ton of value to the user experience.”
Brianna P.
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