Live event entertainment
live entertainment

Create engaging fan experiences for everyone watching in-person or at home

Our web based products are accessible from any device putting inclusive, on-brand fan experiences right in everyone’s pocket.
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Incorporate experiential event marketing to engage fans, drive UGC, and reach new audiences

Our fully customizable web-based apps can make remote viewers feel like they’re in the action, engage in-person audiences with contests or giveaways, and equip the marketing team with loads of content to drive future ticket sales.

Customize the branding, elements, messaging, and CTAs for a fun and memorable experience
photo or video contests
Photo or video contests that encourage participation whether in-person or at home
Lead capture
Digital keepsakes with athletes and celebrities that fans will love and share
user generated content
User-generated content that encourages sharing to reach and engage future fans
language translations
Video reactions & shout outs that empower fans to share their loyalty and fandom
Create experiential event marketing to turn casual fans into super fans
Everything we build is designed for mobile-first user accessibility and intuitive engagement that drives results.
create experiential event marketing
Choose the product(s) best suited to your need
Develop a customized proposal and plan with our hands-on team
Snapbar builds your customized experience for review and approval
Go live, implement, engage, collect, collaborate, and share