hybrid photo booth

A hybrid photo booth for any event

Reach more people with hybrid photo booth software that allows for a seamless experience across virtual and in-person using our mobile-first approach to photo booth experiences.
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Connect and engage your event attendees — wherever they are.

Equitable Engagement

Hybrid events allow for consistency across virtual and in-person.

Flexible Experiences

Use the photo booth in everyone's pocket for greater event flexibility.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with in-person event apps and virtual event platforms.

hybrid photo booth
Virtual or hybrid: one photo booth.

Brands use our photo booth software to create custom photo booth experiences that live on the web. Users access them via their computers or mobile devices - whether sitting on a couch in London or walking an expo center in Las Vegas.

Hybrid Photo Booth 101
Scalable Content

The creative content generated by users is powerful when leveraged well. When a brand creates a custom photo booth, they're actually building an engaging visual content machine.

hybrid photo booth
QR Signage

Our photo booth software works anywhere people can access the web, so we use QR signage at in-person events to encourage photo booth use and incentivize more social sharing.

hybrid photo booth
Custom Backdrops

Bold displays like custom backdrops let events showcase their sponsors, encourage engagement with the photo booth, and provide a great place to snap a few selfies or group shots.

hybrid photo booth
“Our team loved the personalization features, ease of use, and external engagement it provided!”
“Easy to set up, excellent communication and customer service, easy to use!”
“Such an easy way to bring fun into this virtual world. Also very affordable. I loved it all!!!!”
Photos bring people together.

Embed a photo mosaic on a website, within your virtual event platform, put it on screens around your venue, or share it as part of your marketing campaign!

hybrid photo booth
Our clients create engaging event experiences with features like:
Hybrid Photo Booth
Virtual Backgrounds

We use AI to remove the background from any photo.

Hybrid Photo Booth
Photo Gallery

Bring all your content into private or public galleries.

Hybrid Photo Booth
Custom Stickers

Customize your content with unique stickers and graphics.

Hybrid Photo Booth
Name Badge

Use custom name or text fields and let people connect.

Hybrid Photo Booth
Lead Capture

Create marketing lists while your users create content.

Hybrid Photo Booth
Social Sharing

Let users post directly to social media with one click.

Hybrid Photo Booth
Sponsor Page

Highlight and delight the sponsors that support you.

Hybrid Photo Booth
White Label

Seamlessly integrate your booth into your own platform.

Hybrid Photo Booth

Learn more about your audience with integrated surveys.

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