Camera Array
Photo Booth

A camera array photo booth is a dynamic photo experience that's sure to get attention.
Array Booth

What is a camera array photo booth?

A camera array photo booth is a hardware unit that holds multiple cameras that fire at the same time to create a 3D or stop-motion style GIF or video.

Array Booth

Smooth Is Standard

Calibration is key when multiple cameras capture your shot from multiple angles.

When you book a camera array photo booth, be sure to confirm that the vendor can capture smooth array shots.

Stunning Output

Your visual photo booth experience can get a boost when you combine a camera array experience with other customizations, like GEL lighting, pictured here.

While Snapbar doesn't offer camera array experiences anymore, we highly recommend working with Array Camera Systems.

Array Booth Social

Easy Social Sharing

Most camera array vendors include the ability to share your content directly to your email or phone so that you con share to social.

Array booth

Clean Setup

Array setups have a reputation of being ugly, corded messes. When you're booking a camera array for your event, make sure the vendor has a clean setup that doesn't detract from the venue's aesthetic.