Brick Booth

The world's first (and only) life-size, working photo booth made from Lego® bricks.
Array Booth

A Piece Of Photo Booth History

We designed and built Brick Booth because we love Lego® and because we work with creative teams that are always looking for something new!
Works anywhere

Event Agnostic

Setting up at PAX or Comic-Con? Planning a Lego® party? What about a game-themed wedding? The Brick Booth fits in at any of those events and impresses everyone as it's the first and only one of its kind on this planet!

built with love

A Labor Of Love

One of the best parts of a photo experience using Brick Booth is the sheer amount of love and attention to detail that went into its creation. We took on this project for the sheer fun and challenge of it, and we know you'll enjoy our labor of love!

Brick by brick

7,000+ Lego® Piece

Over 7,000 pieces, 6,650 of which were individually glued together. A staggering 36 hours to assemble it after the concept was done. Even the interior support for our electrical components is built with Lego® Technic elements!

Brickface by brickbooth

'Brickface' by Brick Booth

Turn your photo booth selfie into a 'Brickface' portrait. We're not saying you should print out a large format photo, buy thousands of colored Lego® bricks, and build a real life version of your Brickface, but we're not saying you shouldn't...