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Snapbar reimagines traditional photo services, like photo booths and corporate headshots, for modern events and workplaces.

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Create Photo Ops

Photo booth experiences for marketing & events.

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Virtual Events
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Get New Headshots

Virtual headshots for remote teams of any size.

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Trusted by top organizations around the world

"This was absolutely an amazing experience! We received great feedback from employees who used the tool, thanks so much!"

Ravyn W.

"Snapbar allows us to enhance our events. The product is fun, interactive, a great conversation starter and easy to use."

Katie O.

"Love the setup, having a customer success partner, and the ease of use in the platform."

Tate L.
Executive Operations

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Supercharge Photo Ops with the first AI Photo Booth
Snapshot AI

An AI portrait studio to dynamically transform your attendees' photos into captivating, branded, and themed visuals.

Professional headshots
Snapshot AI
Snapshot AI
Snapshot AI
Connect people with custom-branded, engaging campaigns.

The mobile-friendly experience makes participation easy while custom backgrounds and filters result in tons of on-brand content.

Showcase people with high quality, on-brand headshots.

The mobile-friendly experience makes capture easy while automatic edits result in consistent headshots for any use case.

Real-time content creates dynamic displays and social engagement
Drive participation with live displays - in-person or online - that aggregate, transform, and showcase UGC in real-time.
Company headshot example

"We’ve expanded the headshots to all of our leadership programs. The ease of use is second to none and quality of the pictures makes them perfect for a variety of purposes."

Virtual Headshot

"The Virtual Headshots platform is very user-friendly and the results are stellar. Setting up our customized studio was quick and easy and allows us to maintain visual consistency as new employees join our team."

Virtual Booth example

"Getting consistent, on-brand company headshots for a fully-remote organization has been so easy with Snapbar. Easy to use. Easy to scale. Great results!"

Virtual Booth output example

"Snapbar was amazing to work with. Extremely responsive and helpful. We are very happy with our Snapshot experience!"

Virtual booth output

"Great product and customer service from this team - our customers totally loved the Snapshot Photo Booth!”

Virtual booth output

“CivicPlus loves Snapbar. We’re a predominately remote company and the solution allows our colleagues all over the world to have beautiful and cohesive headshots.”

Virtual booth output

“We had a great experience using Snapshot! I work for a company that works remotely and I feel like this helped boost morale and foster team bonding for our organization. Highly recommend!”

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