Real-Time Moderation

Control your content with real-time moderation. Approve all content automatically or on a case-by-case basis before being displayed in galleries or slideshows.

Story real-time moderation in the dashboard platform

Using Real-Time Video Booth Moderation

Moderate content on the go from the Story dashboard
The Story dashboard gives you and your team access to the most important controls you need in moderating content from anywhere you can access the web.
Moderate your Story content from anywhere all on the dashboard
Highlight videos from your Story booth in an online gallery
Highlight approved videos in an online gallery
Embed or send traffic to Story add-ons like social wall, slideshow, or the included gallery during your event to display your collected video content with peace of mind, knowing content can be added or removed at the click of a button.
Delegate moderation and stay focused on the most important stuff
Every Story account includes at least 2 admins that can be given various permissions, including moderation, so you can stay focused on the most important elements of your events or marketing campaigns.
Add up to 2 admins that can moderate your Story booth
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