Embed your Story video booth and gallery directly into your event platform or website to create a seamless and integrated experience. Improve accessibility by allowing users to participate without ever leaving the event page or platform.

Story Live Gallery

Reasons to Use Embed

Accessibility and convenience
By embedding your Story directly within your platform or website, users can access the video booth and record right in the moment. No need to navigate to another location or get directed to an external browser.
Story Live Gallery
Story Live Gallery
Increased engagement
Making your Story easily accessible and obvious is one of the biggest factors that leads to higher overall engagement. While users are surrounded by the other content you’re promoting, creating an integrated experience greatly increases the chances of users interacting in multiple ways.
Enhanced user experience
The flexibility of embedding directly with a partner event platform or using a simple iframe gives you the freedom to incorporate Story in the best way for your particular audience. While Snapbar hosts and supports Story as a standalone experience, a seamlessly embedded booth creates the most cohesive experience and appearance of a native feature.
Story Live Gallery
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