SMS / Text Notifications

Send your users custom text notifications with links to encourage participation with Snapshot. Schedule them ahead of time for a seamless way to increase engagement throughout an event or activation.

Snapshot SMS / Text Notifications

Reasons to Use Text Notifications

Nudges you can control
We’re all beholden to our phone and notifications. Using simple texts to encourage participation, share incentives, and align timing with key moments during your event or activation helps increase engagement and relevancy.
Snapshot SMS / Text Notifications
Snapshot SMS / Text Notifications
Minimize engagement barriers
Making Snapshot easily accessible is one of the biggest factors that leads to higher overall engagement. QR codes and links require users to find or seek them out, but text notifications with a well-constructed message cut right to the important part - creating content and participating with the event.
More control & alignment
The ability to schedule your notifications and customize the message of each allows you to align the timing with key moments, like keynotes or scheduled activities, while catering the message and CTA to that specific instance - which helps drive more participation.
Snapshot SMS / Text Notifications
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