Guide to Real Estate Headshots

In the real estate industry, your headshot is often the first point of contact with potential clients. A high-quality realtor headshot is crucial for making a strong impression.

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real estate headshot examples
What Are Real Estate Headshots?

Real estate headshots are professional photos used to represent real estate professionals (e.g. realtors) on their business cards, websites, and marketing materials. These photos focus on the subject's face, aiming to capture their professionalism and approachability. A good realtor headshot can make your profile stand out and help build trust with potential clients.

ways to use real estate headshots
Why Are Real Estate Headshots Important?

Realtor headshots are an essential part of your professional image in an industry where traditional media marketing is still prevalent. They convey professionalism and create a sense of trust and credibility with potential clients. A high-quality headshot can make a strong first impression, setting realtors apart in a crowded and competitive industry.

what to wear for real estate headshots
What to Wear for Real Estate Headshots

Dress to represent your professional image. Your attire should reflect your personal style and the image you want to project. If you work in a more upscale market, a suit and tie or a formal blouse may be appropriate. In more casual markets, business casual attire may be more fitting. Solid colors tend to do best on camera.

poses for real estate headshots
How to Pose for Realtor Headshots

Posing for realtor headshots should feel natural and relaxed. The goal is to capture your personality and approachability, so feel free to experiment with different expressions. However, remember to keep it natural and avoid overly dramatic or exaggerated poses. You should strike a balance of friendly approachability and cutthroat savviness that let’s clients know you can give them a competitive edge.

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backdrops for real estate headshots
Choosing the Right Realtor Headshot Background

The background of your headshot should be simple and not distract from your face. Neutral colors or simple outdoor settings often work well, as the focus should be on you, not the background. Using photo editing software or modern solutions, you can also remove and replace backgrounds for different purposes, settings, or seasons.

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preparing for your real estate headshot
Preparing to Take a Perfect Real Estate Headshot

To prepare for your headshot, make sure you're well-rested and your outfit fits properly. Practice your expressions in the mirror and get comfortable in front of the camera. If applicable, consider hiring a professional makeup artist to ensure you look your best, and if you don’t have a professional photographer, then recruit a friend or colleague to help capture the best lighting and well-framed shot.

how to take your own real estate headshot
How to Capture Your Own Real Estate Headshots

A high-end camera and good lighting can help capture a high-quality headshot, but you can also do a lot with a modern smartphone and decent ambient lighting. It’s generally easiest and going to come across the most natural if you can have someone else take your photo. Also, your forward-facing camera on your phone is generally much better than the selfie-camera. Take a couple of practice shots to see how the lighting and contrast work out in the spot you’ve chosen.

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examples of real estate headshots taken using snapbar studio
How Much do Real Estate Headshots Cost?

The cost of headshots can vary widely from hundreds or thousands of dollars with a professional photo shoot, to free if you do it yourself. They are well worth the investment (whether time or money), as a high-quality headshot can make a significant difference in marketing yourself or your team of agents.

If you need professional headshots for multiple people, you’ll be best served by using an automated platform to streamline editing and outputs. Check out the solutions we offer below!

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