Custom Image Resizing

Effortlessly generate your approved headshots in bespoke sizes, tailored to suit any specific need, such as landscape crops, distinct resolutions, or varied size requirements for different systems and use cases.

Example of different headshot image resizing

Reasons to Use Custom Image Resizing

Avoid distorted displays and maintain quality
A headshot that is improperly sized may appear distorted or pixelated when displayed on a website or as a social media profile picture. A headshot that is too small may be difficult to see or may not meet the resolution requirements for certain platforms. Creating an output with a custom image size for your particular use case provides the perfect quality you need, automatically.
Custom image resizing helps you avoid distorted displays and maintains quality
Multiple headshot outputs are generated automatically
Save editing time with multiple image output sizes
It is common to need a specific pixel size for a webpage display and another pixel size for a conference screen display. Rather than resizing the one copy of a headshot you have by hand, protect your time and streamline processes by using Studio to do the work for you. Request custom sizes to meet all of your particular needs.
Headshots for both digital and print
Printing headshots on badges and business cards will require a specific DPI that differs from digital displays. By adding Custom Image Resizing, you can have both! Set up one output with a standard DPI for digital display and a second output with a custom DPI for any printed collateral.
Example of a high DPI headshot for badge printing and a low DPI headshot for social profles
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