Active Moderation

Ensure headshots meet your company design and quality standards utilizing Active Moderation. Choose to approve all content automatically or on a case-by-case basis, and send feedback and retake requests before users receive their finalized headshots.

Studio Active Moderation

Using Active Moderation

Maintain consistency across your team and company, wherever people are
Every company has its unique image and branding requirement that they want to portray to the public. This can be difficult to manage for remote and hybrid employees across several regions. With active moderation in a convenient dashboard you can receive and review headshot submissions from employees across the world from the comfort of your home office.
Maintain consistency for your headshots easily in the dashboard settings
Approve and reject headshots that your employees submit
Maintain quality and professionalism with approval, rejection, and retake requests
Ensure that all headshots meet your company's standards and level of professionalism to maintain quality control over your corporate image. Easily and efficiently approve headshots on a case-by-case basis, with approved headshots automatically finalized and retake notifications sent to users as needed.
Provide feedback and request retakes all in one place
Manage users, invites, outputs, and moderation all in one convenient dashboard. You can reject submissions and request retakes with unique feedback with the click of a button, organizing team headshots into easy-to-manage groups. This saves time for you and gives your employees quick and easy feedback for the best possible result.
You can provide feedback and reminders for headshots all in the Studio dashboard
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