Guide to LinkedIn Headshots

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital business card in the professional networking world, meaning a high-quality LinkedIn headshot is crucial for making a strong impression.

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What Are LinkedIn Headshots?

LinkedIn headshots are professional photos used to represent an individual on their LinkedIn profile. These photos focus on the subject's face, aiming to capture their professionalism while subtly reflecting their personal brand. A good LinkedIn headshot can make your profile stand out and help establish a strong professional network.

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Why Are LinkedIn Headshots Important?

LinkedIn headshots are an essential part of your professional online presence. They convey your professionalism and create a sense of trust and credibility with potential employers, clients, and colleagues. A high-quality LinkedIn headshot can make a strong first impression, showcasing your professionalism and personality.

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Choosing the Right LinkedIn Headshot

When choosing a LinkedIn headshot, ensure it is a recent photo that reflects your current appearance. Your face should fill about 60% of the frame, and you should be the only person in the picture. Avoid using selfies or group photos. The ideal size for your LinkedIn profile picture is 400 x 400 pixels. Larger file sizes are also fine, but try to avoid small, low-resolution images.

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What to Wear for LinkedIn Headshots

Dress for the job you want. Your attire should reflect your industry and the image you want to project. If you work in a more conservative industry, a suit and tie or a formal blouse may be appropriate. In more creative or casual industries, business casual attire may be more fitting. Solid colors tend to do best on camera.

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How to Pose for LinkedIn Headshots

Posing for a LinkedIn headshot should reflect your professionalism and confidence. Stand or sit up straight, angle your body slightly towards the camera, and remember to smile naturally. Smiling can help put viewers at ease and make you look more approachable. You can also try the popular candid pose, or capture yourself in the type of setting you want to work in.

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Choosing the Right LinkedIn Headshot Background

The background of your LinkedIn headshot should be simple and uncluttered, allowing the focus to remain on you. Different industries tend to use different backdrops so check out some peers in your industry on LinkedIn to see what they're using. Alternatively, you can use a neutral color that complements your attire or an outdoor setting for a more vibrant look.

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Preparing to Take a Perfect LinkedIn Headshot

Before you take a new headshot, ensure you're well-rested and your outfit is clean and fits well. Consider getting a professional haircut or style and light makeup to enhance your features. Reflect on your role and the image you want to project, and let that guide your expression and demeanor.

how to take your own linkedin headshot
How to Capture Your Own LinkedIn Headshot

With the right equipment and preparation, you can capture your own LinkedIn headshot. You'll need a good quality camera, a tripod (or a friend), and a well-lit space. Make sure to check the frame, focus, and lighting before you start shooting. Take multiple shots and choose the best one.

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How Much do LinkedIn Headshots Cost?

The cost of LinkedIn headshots can vary based on the photographer and location. However, with the right equipment and preparation, you can capture your own high-quality LinkedIn headshot. Investing in a professional LinkedIn headshot can enhance your online presence and help you stand out in the professional networking world.

There are quite a few online options to help capture, edit, and create the perfect headshot (including our own) so you can do quite well without a professional photographer.

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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn headshot is just one part of your LinkedIn profile. To optimize your profile, ensure your headline clearly communicates your professional identity, your summary highlights your skills and experiences, and your experience section is up-to-date and detailed.

Pairing your professional headshot with a compelling background image can also help your profile stand out. LinkedIn recommends using a background image that represents what you do or care about.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of your professional brand, so make it consistent and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

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