Guide to Corporate & Company Headshots

In the corporate world, a professional image is key to making a strong impression. Corporate headshots play a crucial role in conveying your company's professionalism and culture.

what are corporate headshots
What Are Corporate Headshots?

Corporate headshots are professional photos used to represent an individual or a team in a business context. They are often used on company websites, in annual reports, on LinkedIn, and for press releases.

These photos focus on the subject's face, aiming to capture their professionalism while subtly reflecting the company's brand and culture. Corporate headshots are commonly used by all members of an organization, from the CEO to the newest recruit.

examples of good and bad company headshots
Why Are Company Headshots Important?

Company headshots are an essential part of your corporate brand image. They convey the professionalism of your team and create a sense of trust and credibility with clients, investors, and the public. A high-quality corporate headshot can make a strong first impression, showcasing the calibre of your team and the culture of your organization.

what to wear for corporate headshots
What to Wear for Corporate Headshots

When dressing for a corporate headshot, consider your company's culture and the image you want to project. In more conservative industries, a suit and tie or a formal blouse may be appropriate. However, in more creative or casual industries, business casual attire may be more fitting. The key is to look professional yet approachable, reflecting your role within the company.

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how to pose for corporate headshots
How to Pose for Corporate Headshots

Posing for a corporate headshot should reflect your professionalism and confidence. Stand or sit up straight, angle your body slightly towards the camera, and remember to smile naturally. The aim is to look approachable and trustworthy, reflecting your role within the company. Your pose should also be consistent with other members of your company and team when they’ll be shown side by side, or in a consistently used format like business cards.

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examples of good and bad backgrounds for corporate headshots
Choosing the Right Corporate Headshot Background

The background of a corporate headshot should be simple and uncluttered, allowing the focus to remain on the subject. A neutral color that complements the subject's attire and the company's brand colors is often a good choice. Some companies also opt for automatic background removal and then choose a custom background that aligns with their brand.

how to prepare for corporate headshots
Preparing to Take a Perfect Corporate Headshot

Before your headshot session, ensure you're well-rested and your outfit is clean and fits well. Consider getting a professional haircut or style and light makeup to enhance your features. Reflect on your role within the company and the image you want to project, and let that guide your expression and demeanor.

ways to capture your own corporate headshot
How to Capture Your Own Corporate Headshot

With the right equipment and preparation, you can capture your own corporate headshot. You'll need a good quality camera (most modern smartphones can do a great job), a tripod, shelf, or a friend, and a well-lit space. Make sure to check the frame, focus, and lighting before you start shooting. Take multiple shots and choose the best one.

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things to consider for corporate headshots
How Much do Corporate Headshots Cost?

The cost of corporate headshots can vary based on the photographer, location, and the number of individuals. However, for companies needing headshots for multiple team members, automated platforms offer a cost-effective and efficient solution. They ensure consistency across all headshots and offer the convenience of remote sessions.

Investing in high-quality corporate headshots enhances your company's brand image and can pay dividends in the long run. Check out the solutions we offer below!

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