Guide to Business & Team Headshots

In the business world, a professional image is key to making a strong impression. Business headshots play a crucial role in conveying your professionalism and personality.

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What Are Business Headshots?

Business headshots are professional photos used to represent an individual in a business context. They are often used on LinkedIn profiles, business websites, business cards, email signatures, and for press releases. These photos focus on the subject's face, aiming to capture their professionalism while subtly reflecting their personal brand.

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Why Are Business Headshots Important?

Business headshots are an essential part of individual’s professional image, and also the greater team that they represent. Team headshots should convey professionalism and create a sense of trust and credibility with clients, employers, and colleagues.

They can also represent the personality of the team, and often teams will use multiple versions to share both the professional and fun or creative nature of the business. A high-quality business headshot should make a strong first impression, showcasing professionalism alongside unique personality.

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What to Wear for Business Headshots

When dressing for a business headshot, consider your industry and the image you want to project. In more conservative industries, a suit and tie or a formal blouse may be appropriate. However, in more creative or casual industries, business casual attire may be more fitting.

The key is to look professional yet approachable, reflecting your role and personal brand. When showcasing the entire team side by side, like on a website About page, it can also help to have some level of cohesiveness in style across the team.

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How to Pose for Business Headshots

Posing for a team headshot should reflect professionalism, confidence, and invite a conversation. Stand or sit up straight, angle your body slightly towards the camera, and remember to smile naturally.

The aim is to look approachable and trustworthy, reflecting your company brand, so if you all want to make silly faces or strike the same fun poses, that can work too!

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Choosing the Right Team Headshot Background

The backgrounds of your team headshots should be simple and uncluttered, allowing the focus to remain on the important part - the people. A neutral color helps avoid clashing with people’s attire and the company's brand colors is often a good choice. You could also opt to use the same backdrop or setting, but that requires getting everyone in the same place.

For the highest quality and consistency, we recommend automatic background removal so the team can choose a custom background that aligns with their team brand.

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Preparing to Take a Perfect Business Headshot

Hopefully everyone on the team is well-rested with clean and well-fitting outfits, but coordinating a photo shoot can be huge headache. Utilizing virtual headshot platforms can allow teams to collect headshots asynchronously while still ensuring a high level of consistency. The original photograph is still critical though, so people need to find good lighting and use a decent camera.

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How to Capture Your Own Business Headshot

As mentioned, with the right equipment and preparation, your team can capture their own business headshots but variation and post-editing can be challenging. If you take them all together, you'll need a good quality camera, a tripod, and a well-lit space. Take some practice shots to make sure the frame, focus, and lighting are good before you start shooting.

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How Much do Business Headshots Cost?

The cost of business headshots can vary based on the photographer, location, and the number of individuals. However, for businesses needing headshots for multiple team members, automated platforms offer a cost-effective and efficient solution. They ensure consistency across all headshots and offer the convenience of remote sessions.

Investing in high-quality business headshots enhances the professional image of the business and can pay dividends in the long run. Check out the solutions we offer below!

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