Live Gallery

Display your user-generated videos in a live gallery that’s embedded in an event platform, website, or app, or use it as a standalone gallery on an in-person display. Included with every Story activation, the gallery display highlights your content and drives more engagement, which creates more content, and so on.

Story Live Gallery

Using Live Gallery Displays

Choose pre-approval or real-time moderation
The Story dashboard gives your team access to moderate content in real-time to ensure only high quality, relevant, and appropriate content is displayed.
Story Live Gallery
Story Live Gallery
Create visibility for user-generated videos
Your live gallery can be easily embedded in any digital environment supporting an iframe, or accessed at the dedicated URL making it easy to highlight in real-time.
Drive conversation & connection
Feature your Story QR code or link alongside the live gallery display to encourage more participation that drives more content generation.
Story Live Gallery
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