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The 1st DALL-E Powered AI Photo Booth

Dall-E Photo Booth Clay Figurine Photo
Dall-E Photo Booth Emoji Photo
Dall-E Photo Booth Lego Photo

Engage your audience with an image-to-text-to-image AI photo experience

Engage Everyone
Cutting Edge

We’re leveraging the latest DALL-E 3 systems to interpret and generate amazing content.

No app needed
Highly Engaging

Deliver unique, custom AI content to your users in seconds, not minutes.

Built for Scale
Fully Custom

Design a completely unique, branded experience using our custom AI prompting.

How does the DALL-E photo booth work?

Using GPT-4V(ision) we generate a highly detailed description of the submitted user photo, further clean it up and elaborate with our proprietary prompt magic, and then use that description to generate a brand new image. It’s image to text, then text back to image!

The resulting likeness is less detailed than our Stable Diffusion-based models, but the process is also very fast, making it ideal for transforming people into more abstract and fun characters, or as part of a unique scene.

Dall-E photo booth UI design
Dall-E photo booth transformation of image
Minecraft ai generated portrait of woman
Custom email design for photo booth
What are the different types of AI photo booth technology?
Example of input and output images using Stable Diffusion
Stable Diffusion

This is what our core Snapshot AI platform is built on, utilizing the highest caliber AI models to learn from images, then generate new images from scratch. This delivers high accuracy, facial likeness, and robust capabilities to modify the scene and context of the image. It is also a bit slower as a result.


An alternative AI model, as discussed on this page, that uses image-to-text to describe an input image in fine detail, and then generate a new image using text-to-image combined with our custom prompt engineering. This is faster but less accurate when it comes to facial features, so it’s best for more abstract or animated style outputs.

Example of input and output images using Dall-E
Example of input and output images using Midjourney

This is what many other AI photo booth companies use to swap faces onto pre-set images and backgrounds. It can deliver accurate results, but is highly limited to pre-set backgrounds, scenes, or styles.

Equally engaging in-person, online, or both

Snapshot AI was designed to be used for any type of activation and is accessible on any device with a browser.

This means event professionals now have the flexibility they need for events of any size or type, and it allows users to interact with the AI photo booth from anywhere.

AI photo booth for in-person and online events
Your event engagement solution for in-person, hybrid, and virtual
No staffing required
iPad ready
Easily accessible on mobile devices
Intuitive & user-friendly
Branded email delivery
Works with on-site printing
Users capture a selfie with the made-for-in-person iPad mode, or upload 4+ pictures in mobile mode that’s easily accessed with links and QR codes.
access the ai photo booth via mobile phone, ipad, or desktop
Our AI photo booth gets to work transforming each user into your custom portrait style.
access the ai photo booth via mobile phone, ipad, or desktop
Apply overlays
If added to the experience, custom overlays will apply to their content. Overlays can include on-brand frames, logos, or messaging.
Apply custom branding to your ai photos
In 15 minutes or less, users receive 4 hi-res variations of the chosen AI portrait style via email.
Users receive their custom ai portraits via email
Share & display
Once a final version is submitted, users can download their content, share it directly to social media, or view it in a live gallery, social wall, slideshow and more.
share and display your custom ai portraits
Captivate Your Users with Custom AI Transformations
Deliver custom AI outputs uniquely inspired by your users’ photos - transformed into fun, playful, and colorful variations that are highly shareable.
More Powerful Features

We’re regularly adding new, powerful features and add-ons that allow you to customize the experience and maximize the impact.

Book a DALL-E Powered AI Photo Booth
Share a few details with us on the experience you have in mind. We review and respond to each submission directly.