Snapshot AI

The AI Photo Booth For Events

AI Photo Booth For Events
AI Photo Booth For Events
AI Photo Booth For Events

Engage & entertain your audience with the leading AI-powered photo booth

Engage Everyone
Cutting Edge

Captivate your audience by aligning your brand with the latest AI technology.

No app needed
Highly Engaging

Provide users with a captivating, magical experience they’ll love and share.

Built for Scale
Fully Custom

Create a custom prompt to generate completely unique, branded AI outputs.

What is an AI Photo Booth?

AI Photo Booths merge generative AI with event photography, turning ordinary selfies into themed, stylized AI portraits.

Snapbar’s AI photo booth for events enables event marketers to create their own custom AI portrait studio, which opens the door to creative, on-brand content guests can share!

Capturing a photo with Snapshot AI Photo Booth
Snapshot AI Photo Booth transforms your photos
Snapshot AI Photo Booth delivers your photos via email
Share your Snapshot AI Photo Booth images
Equally engaging in-person, online, or both

Snapshot AI was designed to be used for any type of activation and is accessible on any device with a browser.

This means event professionals now have the flexibility they need for events of any size or type, and it allows users to interact with the AI photo booth from anywhere.

AI photo booth for in-person and online events
Your event engagement solution for in-person, hybrid, and virtual
No staffing required
iPad ready
Easily accessible on mobile devices
Intuitive & user-friendly
Branded email delivery
Works with on-site printing
Users capture a selfie with the made-for-in-person iPad mode, or upload 4+ pictures in mobile mode that’s easily accessed with links and QR codes.
access the ai photo booth via mobile phone, ipad, or desktop
Our AI photo booth gets to work transforming each user into your custom portrait style.
Apply overlays
If added to the experience, custom overlays will apply to their content. Overlays can include on-brand frames, logos, or messaging.
Apply custom branding to your ai photos
In 15 minutes or less, users receive 4 hi-res variations of the chosen AI portrait style via email.
Users receive their custom ai portraits via email
Share & display
Once a final version is submitted, users can download their content, share it directly to social media, or view it in a live gallery, social wall, slideshow and more.
share and display your custom ai portraits
Transform Your Users with Custom AI Portraits
Deliver custom AI Portraits that aren’t just swapping faces. With Snapshot AI, each user is transformed into an amazingly realistic portrait in the unique style and context you’ve designed.
AI Headshots

Provide guests or attendees with perfectly lit, photorealistic AI generated headshots with branding and styles that match the event.

Read our guide to AI generated headshots
AI Superhero Generator

Transform people into their super-self in the setting, pose, and style that best aligns with your brand’s superpowers.

Design an AI Superhero Generator for Your Next Event
AI Time Machine Photos

Transport your users to the style of a bygone era, the distant future, or even transform their age to younger or older.

Design A Custom AI Age Generator Experience
AI Caricature Generator

Add a little fun and humor transforming people into caricature versions of themselves, whether realistic, sketched, or even as bobbleheads.

Design Your Own Custom AI Caricature Experience
AI Marketing Moments

Make people part of your marketing moment, whether a movie poster, trading card, or even posing with a unique character or mascot.

Create a Campaign with AI Movie Poster Style Content
Explore the near limitless breadth of portrait possibilities already being created
Generative AI Video

Think of it as stop-motion on steroids. AI-powered steroids. Using our AI Video technology, you’ll be able to generate one-of-a-kind videos based on your users, with:

  • Custom defined lengths
  • Unique, prompt-based styles
  • Storyboard-like control
  • Film-style visual effects
More Powerful Features

We’re regularly adding new, powerful features and add-ons that allow you to customize the experience and maximize the impact.

Book an AI Photo Booth for your next event
Share a few details with us on the experience you have in mind. We review and respond to each submission directly.