Virtual Photo Mosaic

From anywhere in the world, Virtual Photo Mosaic connects people by letting them create a branded photo compilation.
Virtual Photo Mosaic

What is a Virtual Photo Mosaic?

A virtual photo mosaic, or virtual mosaic, is a compilation of individual images that make up a larger image or graphic that's often branded or customized for an event.

Recent companies using our Virtual Mosaic tool:
Embed mosaic anywhere
Limitless possibilities

Embed Virtual Mosaic Anywhere

Embed your photo mosaic on a website, within your virtual event platform, put it on screens around your venue, or share it as part of your marketing campaign!

Pair mosaic with Virtual Photo Booth
capture & create

Pairs With Virtual Photo Booth

The world’s most popular virtual photo booth software works seamlessly with Photo Mosaic. As your event or campaign progresses, images are collected in a gallery and automatically become a part of the branded photo mosaic.


"A fantastic tool to help build interactive hybrid experiences, suitable for both face-to-face and online activity."

"We used Snapbar for our largest virtual event, and it was a true success.  We loved customizing the booth and mosaic and watching the creativity of our attendees."

"Snapbar was so easy to work with!  The end product was flawless and made for a very fun and interactive element to my event. The clients especially loved the mosaic."

"Snapbar provided helpful customer service and a easy process from the booking to the payment and customization. The Photobooth was super easy and fun to use, our attendees loved it and the mosaic gave us a great memory of the event."

"Our users got so many choices to take unique photos and share them with us via the branded mosaic!"

Video Mosaic

Create a custom video of your mosaic coming together into one branded visual. Available as an add-on to any virtual photo booth or as a standalone product.

Photo Mosaic
Static Mosaic

Combine all your photo content in a post-campaign photo mosaic that showcases your brand, logo, marketing message, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your Virtual Photo Mosaic, and your static and video options?

Mosaic is a stand-alone, embeddable experience, built to render in real-time. The Video and Static Mosaic options are generally added on to our Virtual Photo Booth as a post-campaign, sharable feature.

Does a Virtual Photo Mosaic come with a Virtual Photo Booth?

Yes, our Virtual Photo Booth functions as both a fun experience for your guests, as well as a funnel of images to feed your mosaic.

How long is the Virtual Photo Mosaic live for?

Your link is good for 4 weeks. If you need it for longer, you can add additional time.

What makes for a good mosaic image?

A large, singular subject in the foreground (such as a face, logo or building) and a background consisting of a larger, sprawling design that's not overly complex.
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