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Virtual Headshots

Limited time offer for SHRM members: Get a free two-week trial for any team of 50+ employees (a $200 value).

Use Studio, the leading platform for business headshots, to streamline onboarding, save time and money, and reduce coordination headaches!

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Headshots without the headache
Snapbar Studio
  • $3 - $4 per person after activation
  • Multiple auto-generated styles
  • Fast, AI-powered editing
  • Great, functional business quality
  • Taken when convenient
  • Real-time moderation
  • Easily scalable
Traditional Headshots
  • $30 - $60 per person
  • One style per person
  • Slow, hand-edited images
  • Excessive quality for business
  • Coordinated at set times
  • Back and forth communication
  • Time & cost prohibitive
How it works

Snapbar Studio turns photos taken on your phone into professional looking headshots. It also allows admins to coordinate the entire process from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Before After
With no app required, team members will get invited to on-brand studios customizable by team or organization
Employees use their mobile devices to capture a headshot they’re happy with, whenever and wherever they work
Create consistent headshots with intuitive editing, automatic background removal, and image enhancement
Admins can use the intuitive Studio dashboard to moderate, give feedback, and coordinate the entire process
Approved headshots are automatically formatted to each output you’ve defined— badges, website, email signatures, business cards, etc…
One Photo, Endless Possibilities

Our platform saves you time by automating the formatting process. Users take one headshot, but admins get multiple variations.

See the breadth and quality of real headshots taken on the Studio platform
Virtual HeadshotsCompany HeadshotsCorporate HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsCompany HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsVirtual HeadshotsCorporate Headshots
Company headshot example

"We’ve expanded the headshots to all of our leadership programs. The ease of use is second to none and quality of the pictures makes them perfect for a variety of purposes."

Virtual Headshot

"The Virtual Headshots platform is very user-friendly and the results are stellar. Setting up our customized studio was quick and easy and allows us to maintain visual consistency as new employees join our team."

Virtual Booth example

"Getting consistent, on-brand company headshots for a fully-remote organization has been so easy with Snapbar. Easy to use. Easy to scale. Great results!"

Virtual Booth output example

"We were struggling to come up with a way for consistent company-wide headshots now that we are spread throughout the country. Without Snapbar, this would have been next to impossible without extreme costs”

Virtual booth output

“We've been looking for a way to get updated headshots, and now that a lot of our employees are working remotely, this was the perfect solution. It's easy but the end product is high-quality. We love Snapbar!”

*for Teams of 50+ employees
Request your FREE two week Studio trial for SHRM members

We work hands-on with each of our clients and we’re excited to partner with SHRM on this special offer. To get started, submit the form and our team will follow up shortly on next steps. This is how our Studio trials normally work:

  • Share some details about your company and team
  • Our team will create your custom Studio
  • Get full access to test your Studio and moderation dashboard for two weeks
Frequently Asked Questions
Do rejected photos count as a credit?

Yes! Each time a user submits a headshot at the end of the Studio experience, it uses one credit. If you reject a headshot and request a retake from the admin dashboard, another credit is used when the new submission occurs.

Do you edit the images?

We have a soft auto-enhancement filter that is applied by default to our headshots. This does not edit each photo on an individual basis and should not be considered professional editing. It does lightly even out the contrast and overall look of the headshot. However, we do not have extensive editing services available at this time.

Can my users choose and upload their own headshot background?

We do not have the ability for users to upload their own background selections into the Studio platform at this time. All backgrounds and outputs are pre-selected by our clients for the Studios.

Do I have easy access to all the images?
Yes, our platform gives you access to a dashboard where you can manage and download all images, review submissions, organize contacts, and more.
How do I ensure consistency?

Our platform pushes users toward their mobile device's high-quality camera and prompts them to review guidelines, preview examples, and align themselves with a guide before submitting their photo. The dashboard allows admins to request a retake of any headshots that don't meet company standards.

Can I choose my own backgrounds?
Yes. We offer a selection of popular backgrounds to choose from, or you are free to supply your own set of backgrounds that match company branding or a particular output you're aiming for.
Do you offer long-term options?

Yes. We offer virtual headshots on an annual basis! This way your current team and any new hires have uniform headshots. Ask our team for a quote!