Virtual Headshots for Conferences, Expos, & Tradeshows

with Snapbar Studio

Provide seamless, web-based headshots to your attendees that are customized to match your event, branding, and messaging.

how to use photo booths for engagement at CKOs and SKOs
Virtual vs. Traditional Headshots for Events

Utilizing a virtual headshot solution for in-person events can achieve the same result as traditional photographers, while offering some key advantages:

  • Far less physical space required, but still an option
  • Perfect for hybrid with mobile-first accessibility
  • API integration with event apps, badge printing, and more
  • Customize multiple outputs with backgrounds, filters, and branding
How to Use Studio at Live Events
Find a good light source
Customize Branding

Align the logos and colors of the Studio with your event and/or partners for a cohesive experience.

Position your camera at eye level
Design Unique Outputs

Give attendees multiple unique headshots utilizing custom backgrounds, frame, and filters. All automatically edited and delivered.

Get the right angle
Create Awareness

Utilize QR codes and links in pre-event communications, within the online environment, and with in-person signage. You can even dedicate booth space to create a more traditional footprint.

If you're alone prop your phone up on something
Promote Usage

Incorporate SMS notifications, free + value-add language, and gamification to incentivize usage for your attendees. Headshots are key for networking!

Get the right angle
Capture Leads

Studio collects emails by default to deliver headshots, creating a natural lead generation channel for the event and partners.

Upgrade the traditional event headshot experience and deliver a new value-add to your attendees for networking, professional profiles, social, and more!