How To Use A Virtual Photo Booth And Get Results

with Snapbar Snapshot

Learn how to use a virtual photo booth to boost audience engagement, event or marketing ROI, and much more!

8 Tips For Using Snapshot At Events
virtual, hybrid, in-person
Design a visually stunning Snapshot activation
  • Create an eye-catching booth
  • Design for compelling, unique output— use unique frames, fun stickers, or custom text!
  • Tie it into the DNA of your event - use your brand, colors or event assets.
Build Your Photo Booth
Create Engagement With Your Photo Booth
virtual, hybrid, in-person
Promote it in advance
  • Start collecting content early and build hype by activating Snapshot before the event or campaign starts.
  • Give it screen time: feature Snapshot from the main stage, in email blasts and on social feeds.
  • Keep onsite signage clear, prevalent, and eye-catching.
  • Highlight Snapshot content by showcasing high-quality submissions as shoutouts or contest winners.
virtual, hybrid, in-person
Create incentive and/or gamification
  • Gamify your event and create a competition with Snapshot that helps draw users in.
  • Give users an opportunity to express themselves through prompts.
  • If you have a hashtag, add it to the final share page on Snapshot to encourage use.
  • Create a post-event mosaic and use it in marketing recaps or future promotions.
Spread The Word About Your Photo Booth
Make Your Photo Booth Accessible
virtual, hybrid, in-person
Highlight content with a Slideshow or Social Wall
  • Add a QR code to your Slideshow or Social Wall that links to your Snapshot activation to incentivize greater use.
  • FOMO is powerful: feature your gallery or social wall on main screens, social feeds or embed it on your virtual venue to encourage participation.
hybrid, in-person
Create a must-see photo op
  • Set up a unique photo op and if need be, use a ring light for added brightness.
  • Assign a staff member or brand ambassador to encourage use and help guests.
  • Place visible QR signage strategically near any photo ops.
  • Ring lights and phone stands make Snapshot hands-free so people can take better selfies or pose with their friends. Our favorite is the Lume Cube 18" ring light. Use code THESNAPBAR for 10% off.
Spread The Word About Your Photo Booth
Make Your Photo Booth Accessible
virtual, hybrid, in-person
Sprinkle QR-codes and links throughout
  • Place the Snapshot QR code or link in visible places like main screens, high-traffic areas, or platform navigation bars.
  • Include QR codes or signage at other potential photos ops: dining tables, networking areas, social hours, etc.
  • Let our team create a QR Code Marketing Pack for your event or campaign! (maybe we could host that on our website vs a google drive link?)
virtual, hybrid, in-person
Real-time announcements
  • Have keynote speakers, your host, or a DJ share basic instructions to get people to participate.
  • Use real-time push notifications or emails during an event to push users to Snapshot.
  • If you’re using an event app or platform, prioritize the Snapshot link and brand the prompt (ie. Stripe Selfies)
Spread The Word About Your Photo Booth
Make Your Photo Booth Accessible
virtual, hybrid
Embed Snapshot in an event app or platform
  • Access embed codes for Snapshot or the gallery on your dashboard.
  • Check out all of our platform partners for easy integrations.
Learn more about Snapshot or view more resources