How to Drive Virtual Event Engagement with Snapshot

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Elevate any virtual or hybrid event using Snapshot to engage your audience, create positive brand touchpoints, expand social reach, and increase event impact and ROI.

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The Virtual Photo Booth User Experience
The web based experience makes it seamless to engage anyone from anywhere with an internet connection.
Once someone scans a QR code, clicks a link, or reaches an embedded Snapshot, they’ll see a custom-branded launch page, followed by an optional disclaimer.
Access Snapshot
Users take a photo, burst (similar to boomerang) or upload their own image. Once they capture the perfect shot, they accept and proceed.
Take a photo with Snapshot
Choose Background
Allow users to replace their background with creative and on-brand designs that match your event.
Choose a Background with Snapshot.
Apply Overlay
Users can apply fun, creative, and on-brand overlays that add a whole new look and feel.
Apply and overlay to your Snapshot
Add Stickers
Stickers make for a fun and interactive opportunity for users to further customize their capture.
Add stickers to your Snapshot
Users can download or share directly to social media, or view their capture in a live gallery, social wall, slideshow, where it populates in real-time.
Share your Snapshot
How Snapshot Maximizes Virtual Event Engagement
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Multi-Touchpoint Accessibility

Snapshot is web-based and each experience has a unique URL providing easy linkable access. You can also embed it in any page with an iframe, or directly integrate with your virtual event platform.

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Equal Parts Fun & Function

Snapshot is highly flexible and customizable to your event goals. Customize your user flow and choose which features are most important for your event, whether it’s lead capture, custom text, unique filters, upvoting, or a streamlined photo booth just for fun.

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Designed for Social Sharing

Social sharing links are built into the user flow, and customizable CTAs can promote your event hashtag. Connect a social wall to aggregate social posts alongside Snapshot content in one engaging digital gallery.

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Positive Brand Touchpoints

Include your branding, colors, and messaging throughout - from the landing page to each step of the user flow to the content gallery - to increase brand awareness for your event, company, sponsors, and partners.

virtual photo booth gallery display
Increase Event Impact & ROI

Snapshot can be much more than a “fun add-on.” Use it pre-event to drive awareness and registration, mid-event to drive engagement and community, and post-event to collect user data or amplify future marketing efforts.

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More Powerful Features

We’re regularly adding new, powerful features and add-ons that allow you to customize the experience and maximize the impact.

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