Making the Most of Your Virtual Photo Booth Activation
Learn how to leverage the flexibility of our virtual photo booth platform to achieve and exceed your specific engagement goals.

Keys to Successful Experiential Events & Brand Activations

with Snapbar Snapshot
Make access easy, obvious, and proactively communicate
Incorporate your branding and messaging from access points to outputs
Give people a reason to engage and share
Have some fun with it and your users will too
Focus on the features that help and remove those that don’t
Find a good light source
Make sure people know about it and can access it easily

Snapshot is a web-based app, meaning your users just need internet and a phone, tablet, or computer. You can also embed it into a webpage, event platform, or anywhere you can place an iframe.

QR codes are great, but also easy to overlook. Get creative with how you tie links and QR codes into signage, collateral, or graphics.

Add scheduled SMS notifications or push notifications. Ask us about SMS and your event platform/app about push notifications.

Position your camera at eye level
Design for both form and function

Use design to make Snapshot a seamless part of your event while also promoting key branding and messaging. Need design help? We can do that.

Think about your end goals. Is it for fun? Lead capture? Networking? Social media reach? All are possible and could be completely different designs.

Find a good light source
Incentivize participation and utilize gamification

Use live displays to show people what they’re participating in. People have short attention spans, but love eye-catching visuals

Include features like upvoting and social walls for contests and gamification. Best photo contest? Scavenger hunt? We’ve got ideas - just ask.

Consider adding video with Snapbar Story for the full content mix. It plays well with Snapshot and displays to create a truly engaging experience.

Position your camera at eye level
Choose the features that drive results

Each event or activation is unique - the setting, the people, the themes, and the goals. Some features and add-ons will help, and others might be distracting.

Work with us to create an experience meant for your particular activation. We can customize just about everything for you, including the user flow.

Feeling overwhelmed?

That’s what we’re here for. We’ve seen and done it all, so just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help brainstorm design, marketing, and goal setting.

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