AI Movie Poster Generator

Immerse your attendees in the marketing moment by placing them inside movie poster style content with the latest AI.

How to Create AI Generated Posters

Our unique generative AI technology learns the intricacy of each person, allowing us to place that person within a framed poster, uniquely styled pose, or even masked to a specific figure within a larger poster.

The result is an immersive portrait featuring each person within the unique marketing moment you’ve designed.

ai photo booth on ipad
ai generated movie poster
custom email design
ai photo booth setup at event
How To Create AI Movie Posters

Work with us to design your output and poster style


Design the unique branding for the capture experience, photo overlays, and email delivery


Confirm any additional features like lead capture or live displays


Set it up on any modern iPad with a stand for in-person, and easily embed it for virtual


Users take or upload selfies and receive transformed AI portraits via email in minutes

Tops Ways to Implement AI Generated Posters
how an ai movie poster is generated
Immerse users in a classic poster

Pick a classic poster style, or iconic movie poster and use Snapshot AI to insert them as the main character or subject.

custom event branded movie poster designs
Create a new, unique poster

Design a new movie-style poster that aligns with your brand or event to create truly unique and memorable content.

integrate characters into your ai portraits
Integrate a mascot into user portraits

Incorporate a known character or mascot into user’s portraits to generate cleverly branded, yet novel content.

ai generated trading card examples
Size-down from poster to trading card

Turn your attendees into trading cards rather than posters to make it more nostalgic, or even add a printer on site for trading and networking.

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Are AI photo booths safe and secure?

Yes, absolutely. Snapbar's Snapshot AI technology prioritizes data security, ensuring user images and information are protected. This information is processed securely and never used for any other purpose.

Can we offer AI content in-person as well as online?

Snapbar's platform is versatile, meaning it’s easy to offer AI experiences both online and in-person at events or physical locations.

Can we moderate the content that is being generated?

Snapbar's platform includes mechanisms for moderating and approving AI-generated content to ensure quality and appropriateness. Once an AI portrait is generated, it’s uploaded to a gallery that can be moderated from a dashboard run by your account admins.

Can we capture additional lead information from our users?

Yes, the platform can be configured to capture essential lead information from users, aiding in client relationship management and marketing!

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