AI Age Generator for Events

Whether you want to transform people’s age, or transport them to a past or futuristic age, an AI time machine photo booth will be the talk of your next event.

How an AI Photo Booth Becomes an AI Time Machine

Our unique implementation of AI technology learns the intricacy of each user, allowing it to generate realistic new versions of people whether based on the past or some distant future.

The result is mind-blowing portraits that transform or transport people based on how you customize the experience for your event.

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How To Implement an AI Age Generator

Work with us to design your unique output style (or even multiple styles)


Design the unique branding for the capture experience, photo overlays, and email delivery


Confirm any additional features like lead capture or live displays


Set it up on any modern iPad with a stand for in-person, and easily embed it for virtual


Users take or upload selfies and receive transformed AI portraits via email in minutes

ai photo booth setup at event
Transport People in Time at Your Next Event
AI Age Generator photo examples
Drive traffic with a unique experience

Transforming people’s age in a surprisingly realistic way, or transporting them in time will surely be a standout experience at the event.

AI Age Generator for Events
Customize for your brand & messaging

Customize the style of your AI generated portraits to align with the specific event, increasing relevance to deliver both awareness and value.

AI Age Generator for Events
Use a live display to amplify impact

Display user content in near real-time on digital displays to attract more people and drive more participation.

AI Age Generator for Events
Sponsor the experience

Partner with a sponsor to cover cost while creating additional brand awareness. Bonus for any brand working in aging..or time machines.

AI Age Generator common questions
Are AI photo booths safe and secure?

Yes, absolutely. Snapbar's Snapshot AI technology prioritizes data security, ensuring user images and information are protected. This information is processed securely and never used for any other purpose.

How accurate are the AI transformations?

The AI technology employed by Snapbar strives for high accuracy in replicating facial likeness to the individual taking the AI portrait. While it can make an impressively educated guess how someone may have looked in the past, or will in the future, it of course cannot actually predict the future and makes assumptions based on common knowledge and cultural references.

Can we offer AI content in-person as well as online?

Snapbar's platform is versatile, meaning it’s easy to offer AI experiences both online and in-person at events or physical locations.

Can we moderate the content that is being generated?

Snapbar's platform includes mechanisms for moderating and approving AI-generated content to ensure quality and appropriateness. Once an AI portrait is generated, it’s uploaded to a gallery that can be moderated from a dashboard run by your account admins.

Can we capture additional lead information from our users?
Yes, the platform can be configured to capture essential lead information from users, aiding in client relationship management and marketing!
Can we offer multiple AI time machine styles?
Yes, our cutting-edge technology supports prompting for multiple AI portrait styles. You could consider offering both a style from the past as well as one from the future, for example.
Book an AI Age Generator for your next event
Share a few details with us on the experience you have in mind. We review and respond to each submission directly.