professional headshots for individuals

Professional Headshots for Individuals

Snapbar Studio is a state-of-the-art professional headshot solution that streamlines corporate headshots for individuals.

*While in beta. A $15 value!
Headshots In 4 Easy Steps

Snapbar Studio turns photos taken on your phone into professional quality headshots using the latest AI technologies to remove backgrounds, crop, enhance, and frame your portrait.

click the link
Access Studio from a single-use link, sent to your email.
capture on your device
Take your photo following some best practice guidelines for quality.
adjust the photo
Zoom, crop, align, remove backgrounds, and enhance your photo.
submit and receive
Submit your photo and receive an email with 8 variations of your headshot instantly!
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Professional headshots transformed in seconds
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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it - read what our customers are saying:

Cori P.

"Snapbar is the perfect solution for a remote workforce. Easy to use and fantastic quality!"

Dave W.

"It provides great-looking photos without the need for a professional photographer."

Jordan F.

"The quality of the photos is high for not being professional-grade and the process is very easy to figure out."

What's included
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8 unique variations of your headshot
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Step by step video tutorial plus written resources
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Light image enhancement to perfect your final output
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Delivery to your inbox in < 15 minutes
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8 outputs including 1 transparent version
Receive 8 outputs using our most popular colors and backgrounds. The outputs are 2000x2000px and include 7 .jpgs and 1 transparent .png.
8 custom output
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Step by step tutorial + other helpful resources
Our step by step video shows you how to take the best possible headshot, while written resources provide extra tips and suggested uses.
helpful tutorials
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Image enhancements to perfect your final output
AI technology plus a soft auto-enhancement filter evens out the contrast and overall look of each headshot automatically.
light image enhancement
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Instant delivery to your inbox
Don’t wait days, or even hours, for new headshots. Once you take a quality photo you’re happy with, you’ll have 8 versions of your edited headshot in minutes!
light image enhancement
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Headshot happiness guaranteed
While we’re in beta and it’s free, if you’re not happy with the result, just try again! If you want to share feedback or ask question, please contact us here.
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Your professional headshot, everywhere you need it

Give your digital presence a professional boost, everywhere you show your face

Company Profiles
LinkedIn & Social Profiles
Represent yourself professionally and consistently where employers & other professionals find you
Employee Directories
Company Websites & Directories
Show off the team’s personalities, skill sets, and create brand trust with behind-the-scenes transparency
Email Signatures
Email Signatures
Give a professional and consistent face to emails by adding headshots to standard signatures
Badges & Business Cards
Badges & Business Cards
Streamline onboarding for employee badges & credentials, and make business cards easy, whether print or digital
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Get your new Professional Headshot

Snapshot Studio for Individuals is currently in beta, so we’re offering it for free! Click below to start your headshot process.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you edit the images?
We have a soft auto-enhancement filter that is applied by default to our headshots. This does not edit each photo on an individual basis and should not be considered professional editing. It does lightly even out the contrast and overall look of the headshot.
Can I upload my own headshot background?
We do not currently offer the ability for users to upload their own background selections into the Studio platform. All backgrounds and outputs are pre-selected based on the most common use cases, however, we do include a transparent background png version you can edit yourself.
How do I ensure good quality?
Our platform will recommend using your mobile device's high-quality rear camera and will provide prompts and guidelines to get the best result. We do also offer some additional resources here:
Do you offer options for multiple users?
Yes! Our Studio platform for teams is ideal for collecting 50 or more headshots providing a dashboard for coordinating, moderating, and exporting headshots. Learn more about Studio.