Photo Marketing For Brands & Retail

Leverage customer creativity and allow users to connect with and promote your brand or products through user-generated content.
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Photo Marketing

What is Photo Marketing?

Photo marketing is a form of digital marketing that empowers users to generate content on behalf of a business or brand.

Today, photo marketing is an important element of traditional marketing campaigns as social media has made a majority of our communication and interaction with each other and brands visual-first.

Photo booths and other photo marketing solutions are used around the world at event product launches, grand openings and more. Why?

Simply put, they are user-generated content machines that make branding and social sharing easy!
photo booth output
photo booth output
photo booth output
photo booth output
photo booth output
photo booth output
Photo Marketing Ideas & Trends
Retail Photo Marketing

Retail brands from Nordstrom, Chanel, or Vans tap into the power of photo marketing for multiple campaigns every year.

Our photo booth products have been used at hundreds of retail events across the country as a way to engage and excite customers, empowering them to create custom content to share.

Retail Photo Marketing
Virtual Marketing Campaigns
Virtual Marketing Campaigns

Our virtual photo booth product saw an especially fast adoption for brands looking to connect with customers as remote-first marketing strategies went into effect.

The ability to reach customers on their own terms, wherever they are, is a new opportunity for brands looking to create marketing campaigns that center around user-generated content and social reach.

Corporate Photo Marketing
Corporate Photo Marketing

Corporate teams are relying on photo marketing to create internal engagement, as well as brand and message awarenesses. After all, celebrating important milestones is important for company culture and team morale.

Using our photo marketing solutions adds another element which is the tangible memento that team members will have post event. Learn more about our team engagement ideas and solutions.

Thousands of Happy Customers All Around the World

“I received great feedback from users about the amazing brandable features. The process from beginning to end was simple and fast and that really worked to our advantage.”
Maria F.
“Our photo booth was easy to use and engaged our attendees well! Loved the responsive customer service from Snapbar and the amount of fun they provided for our event.”
Erich G.
capitol one
“Such a great way to engage our event attendees and capture many leads with the brand of the client and event sponsors clearly presented in a beautiful clean way.”
Ann H.
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