Photo Marketing For Brands & Retail

Leverage customer creativity and allow users to connect with and promote your brand or products through user-generated content.
Photo Marketing For Brands & Retail
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Photo Marketing

What is Photo Marketing?

Photo marketing is a form of digital marketing that empowers users to generate content on behalf of a business or brand.

Today, photo marketing is an important element of traditional marketing campaigns as social media has made a majority of our communication and interaction with each other and brands visual-first.

Custom Branded Virtual Photo Booth
Dove Logo
A beautiful masterclass on loving your own skin.

Dove created an elegant boho-styled Virtual Photo Booth to encourage women from all over the country to love their skin while providing tips and tricks on proper skincare.

By the time the event finished the gallery was brimming with beautiful smiling women of all ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds - all joined and bonded together virtually.

Custom Branded Photo Booth Pictures
Products & Features Used

Virtual Photo Booth
Custom Stickers
Background Removal
Custom Frames

Photo Marketing Ideas & Trends
Retail Photo Marketing
Retail Photo Marketing

Our photo booth products have been used at hundreds of retail events across the country as a way to engage and excite customers, empowering them to create custom content to share.

Virtual Marketing Campaigns
Virtual Marketing Campaigns

The ability to reach customers on their own terms, wherever they are, is a new opportunity for brands to create marketing campaigns that focus on user-generated content.

Corporate Photo Marketing
Corporate Photo Marketing

Corporate teams are relying on photo marketing to create internal engagement, as well as brand and message awarenesses. Learn more about our team engagement ideas and solutions.

COD creates a global game launch summit that players are surely to remember.
Video Game Virtual Photo Booth
Custom Gaming Photo Booth
The Opportunity

The Call of Duty Summit team was looking for an exciting experience that could get gamers hyped about the new launch and create some sort of bonding experience between gamers no matter where they were located.

The Solution

Using custom stickers, frames, and virtual backgrounds from actual scenes and icons within the game allowed users to place themselves within the new game and sign up for newsletter updates about more upcoming releases, all while getting to see the different creative output from other users all over the world in the gallery.

Thousands of Happy Customers All Around the World

“I received great feedback from users about the amazing brandable features. The process from beginning to end was simple and fast and that really worked to our advantage.”
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Maria F.
“Our photo booth was easy to use and engaged our attendees well! Loved the responsive customer service from Snapbar and the amount of fun they provided for our event.”
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Erich G.
capitol one
"The Snapbar platform is simple and easy to use, cost-efficient and produces such a high quality product! The Customer Service team is amazing as well, making sure we are successful every step of the way."
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Bri S.
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