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XYVID, a V-cube company, is a virtual broadcast company that produces highly engaging web broadcasts for Fortune 1000 clients. It was founded in 2012 with a vision that a web broadcast could be more than just a talking head with PowerPoint slides. Rather it should be a beautiful, well-executed presentation, more like television than computer software. Chief among XYVID’s many innovations along these lines is an approach that combines real time presentation layout and composition control from the broadcast end with the unique ability to display your favorite web-based content offerings, like Snapbar, in-platform. The result? Unmatched program variety and style that transform your events into memorable experiences. XYVID’s founding principle is that your company's brand is your most valuable business asset, and that every time you broadcast, that brand is on display. Your broadcasts should be beautiful, creative and interesting enough to bring your brand to life.

Key Features
  • Event Production
  • Live Event Streaming
  • Video Production
  • Webcasting Services
  • Webcast Technical Support

Check out this webcast recording to see how Snapshot & Story were seamlessly integrated into the Xyvid platform: