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Streamline employee onboarding and increase team engagement

Snapbar’s intuitive photo and video products are designed to minimize participation barriers for everything from remote employee onboarding, to team building activities, to virtual work events and more.

Team engagement at work events
Team engagement for the world's top brands
Virtual employee onboarding and remote team building activities can be a business advantage, not a barrier

Our products are built for asynchronous communication and fun - helping modern teams onboard and engage employees with on-brand photo and video experiences.

Customize each product or combine multiple to work in specific ways for your department or team goals
Branded overlays
Virtual headshots are taken easily and individually, edited automatically, and managed all in one place
Lead capture
Fast-track recruitment with short-form video that asks prompted interview questions
Custom stickers
Connect new and remote team members to current ones with shareable employee videos
language translations
Engage and rally remote employees around internal events and causes with on-brand content creation
Remote teams don’t have to be disconnected teams
Everything we build is designed for the flexible nature of modern teams to not just enable connection, but to make it engaging and meaningful.
Event Marketing
Choose the product(s) best suited to your need
Develop a customized proposal and plan with our hands-on team
Snapbar builds your customized experience for review and approval
Go live, implement, engage, collect, collaborate, and share
Employee onboarding and engagement solutions that clients rave about:
Virtual booth output

"Was a great activation for a hybrid event. We loved seeing different employees engage from all over!"

Virtual booth output

"Easy to use and fun. Definitely helps employees become more engaged with our meeting."

Virtual Booth output example

"Snapshot Photo Booth is a fun, vibrant, and easy to use product. The Snapbar team was also wonderful to work with!”

Case Studies for Teams
What unique solution can we design and build for your company?