Marketing campaigns

Drive brand awareness with storytelling in branding and marketing that connects people

Snapbar products transcend in-person or virtual barriers by enabling customers to engage with the brands and campaigns from where they are and when they are with experiential photo and video marketing.

Event Engagement
event engagement for top brands
Customize the branding, elements, messaging, and CTAs for genuine storytelling in branding
Branded overlays
Retail marketing that bridges in-person customers with digital experiences
Lead capture
Product launches that turn new customers into influencers in real-time
Custom stickers
Awareness & community efforts that give every user a voice with photo and video
language translations
Feedback & testimonial initiatives that drive honest insight with short-form video
Design brand activations for modern customer interactions
Everything we build is designed for the flexible nature of omni-channel brands and cross-medium campaigns that span in-person and online.
Event Marketing
Choose the product(s) best suited to your need
Develop a customized proposal and plan with our hands-on team
Snapbar builds your customized experience for review and approval
Go live, engage, collect, moderate, share, and amplify your campaign
Brand strategy solutions built for digital-minded consumers
Virtual Booth output example

"Snapshot Photo Booth is a fun, vibrant, and easy to use product. The Snapbar team was also wonderful to work with!”

Virtual booth output

"Great product and customer service from this team - our customers totally loved the Snapshot Photo Booth!”

Marketing Campaign Case Studies
Give your users and customers a voice by turning marketing campaigns into photo and video experiences.