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How To Create Event Engagement With Photo Booths

Photo booths have been around for over 100 years and are more popular now than ever.

Why? Because we interact, connect, and engage with people and brands in increasingly visual ways.

An in-person or virtual photo booth, as fun as it might be, is now more significant than a simple add-on for entertainment-- it's a tool for event engagement and user-generated content.

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Virtual Event Engagement

Our virtual event products have been used with audiences around the world to create engagement and content at events that can often feel like glorified video calls.

Engaging your event attendees and connecting them to each other or to brands and sponsors is a crucial step in making a virtual event successful and memorable.

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Hybrid Events

Hybrid Event Connection

Hybrid events are being labeled 'the future' of events. Buzzword aside, the idea that our events will increasingly be a mix of in-person and online is taking shape.

Creating connection among in-person and online event attendees can be challenging, but using Snapbar products can help bridge that digital divide.

In-person event marketing

In-Person Event Marketing

Photo booths have been used in experiential marketing for years, everywhere from the Super Bowl to tech conferences. They provide on-brand experiences that engage attendees and help generate valuable social content.

Our primary in-person event solution is the Selfie Stand, but Virtual Photo Booths are increasingly being used for in-person as well because they leverage the 'photo booth' in everyone's pocket.

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“We used Snapbar for our company's annual party and they did not disappoint. They were so thorough and communicative throughout the booking process and made sure that every detail was just how we wanted it. All of our photos turned out so well and I am already looking for our next opportunity to hire them!”
“Our event was so much fun! Everyone thought the process of taking a photo using Virtual Booth was easy and loved the seamless embed feature! Having the photo booth customizable to our theme, really sealed the deal.”
“Loved how the photo booth was brandable, easy for my creative designer to create assets, great customer service, and the attendees loved how easy and fun it was.”
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